juli 05, 2013

Ek Nanad Ki Khushiyon Ki Chaabi Meri Bhabhi 5th July 2013 Written Episode

The Episode starts with a cute scene of Dhruv, Shraddha and Mummy. Shraddha says you might have felt bad about my talk. Mummy tells no, but I felt sad when your dad was sad. Mummy talks to Shraddha and Dhruv asks Mummy to open her eyes as he has changed his clothes. Mummy hugs Dhruv and takes him with her. Shraddha smiles.
Kittu is thinking about Anand. Shraddha calls Bobby and he receives her call. Shraddha becomes happy. Bobby says my phone’s battery was low. She asks him how he is. Bobby cries and says I thought I would live without you, but no, I don’t know how to say you sorry. I’m a bad husband and a bad father. She says Dhruv misses you a lot and wants to talk to you now. He says how should I apologize to you, please forgive me, I m really very sorry. She asks are you fine, he says I will come there and tell you everything. He says everything will happen as you say. She says are you coming, when. He says today evening. She says you will come for sure, he says yes, to take you and Dhruv, we will be like before, together. Shraddha smiles. He says everything will be fine.
Shraddha tells Anand and Kittu that Bobby called me. Kittu cuts her mum’s call. Kittu is happy and tells Anand that Bobby is coming today. Anand thinks a lot about this. Kittu says everything will be clear today. Dhruv tells everyone that his dad is coming today. Papa calls Anand and Kittu. Kittu says everyone are happy, lets go down. Anand is in doubt. Everyone are happy. Shraddha says Bobby is coming to take me, and hugs Papa.
Mummy gets Kamini’s call and Papa talks to her. Papa jokes with her. Kamini says I want to talk to Kittu. Papa says I have a good news for you, she asks what. He says Bobby called and told he is coming today. Kamini is shocked. Papa says do you still have something to say, are you fine now. Kamini says won’t I be happy in your happiness, I’m very happy. He says don’t bring sweets. She says I will talk to Kittu later. Kittu explains to Anand that don’t think of the past and think about what will happen. We have to try for it, and the Lord will forgive our mistakes, so please don;t be angry, think about Shraddha. Kamini’s husband is happy to hear about Bobby. Kamini says Shraddha will go to her house and Kittu will be in peace. jaya says its good that Shraddha will go soon. Kittu says everything will be fine. The women clean a room for Bobby. jaya says Mummy is happy and says she got a chance to well treat her son-in-law for the first time, Shraddha hears this and is happy. Mummy says Bobby is coming home for the first time, we don’t know what he likes. Kittu asks Shraddha about Bobby’s fav food. Shraddha tells he like Rajma Chawal. Kittu says say something special. Shraddha says make something. Mummy says we are still alive to treat him well. Shraddha looks at her.
Mummy says she will go and look what Zor is doing. Kittu says Shraddha that you should accept with smile whats happening. Shraddha says what about Anand. Kittu says he will be fine after seeing Bobby. Anand comes to Papa and says do you think Bobby will come. Papa says yes, he called Shraddha and told her. Anand says if he won’t then, Papa says hope for the best. Anand says if he says he will take Shraddha then, Papa says what are you thinking, if Bobby wants to start a new life, then whats the issue. Shraddha is happy. Anand says think from mind, Papa says what should we do. Anand does not say anything and leaves. Papa stops Anand and says do you really think Bobby won’t come. Anand says we will know it today but I don’t trust Bobby. Papa is tensed and thinks he will come for sure.
Mummy, Papa and everyone are happy to welcome Bobby. Shraddha tells Kittu she is very happy that everyone are waiting for Bobby.