juli 01, 2013

Balika Vadhu 1st July 2013 Written Update

Sanchi and Anandi are in the mall to buy gift for Jagya. Sanchi is checking for latest mobile phone. Anandi just stands quiet and sees excitement on Sanchi’s face. Sanchi now goes to buy something else. Anandi says, but you bought this mobile phone.. Sanchi has already left from there. Sanchi now chooses a red suit. She loves it and asks Anandi, this is nice, no? Anandi says, yes, it’s good, but jagya doesn’t wear such bring clothes. Sanchi says, he has had enough boring life, now he should try something adventurous.
Jagya is helping Ganga filling a form on laptop. Sumitra comes and sees them sitting too close to each other. She goes to them and asks him to rest. Jagya says, just one form.. once I email, I will go and rest. Sumitra leaves. Ganga gets lost in some thoughts.
Sanchi and Anandi return. Sanchi hears Alok telling someone on the phone that he can’t come tomorrow as he has to go Jaitsar for some important work. Sanchi smiles. After the call, she goes to him and asks, you’re also coming Jaitsar? Alok says, we all are going so when we get chance, we can talk about your and Jagdish’s rishta. At least we will know what they think. Sanchi hugs him and thanks him. She then hugs Ira and says, I love you, mum. No one seems to be that happy except Sanchi.
Later in the night, Shiv tells Anandi, we all thought a lot and decided that Sanchi won’t listen so we had no option, but to make decision in her favor. Anandi says, I understand, Sanchi won’t listen to anyone right now, but we can’t ignore the fact that Sanchi and Jagya are not fit for each other. We could wait a few more days. Shiv says, you think Sanchi can wait more? By staying there, she at least won’t take any wrong step. And we will find out what Jagya feels and if it’s one sided love, then Sanchi will have no choice, but to step back. Anandi says, I understand, but I feel something is not right. Shiv tells her not to worry and everything will be fine. He hugs her. Anandi speaks in her mind, how Jagya’s family will feel when they come to know about this rishta? And Jagya.. how he will react to this?
Next day, Anandi talks with God. She says, everyone took decision of going to Jaitsar, but I don’t think Sanchi and Jagya are made for each other. Jagya needs someone like Ganga who can take care of the house. Ganga has also started liking him. And then her phone rings… It’s Ganga. Anandi tells her, we all are coming. Ganga is happy. She asks Anandi what to cook so with everyone, Jagya also likes it. Anandi says in her mind, how can I tell you for whom you’re doing all this..someone else also likes him. How can I tell you what all happened after returning from there. Ganga asks her again. Anandi says, make whatever you like. Ganga says, you know choice of both houses so if you could tell, then it will be a big help. Anandi says, make cake.. Ganga says, but I never made that and never tasted it either. Anandi says, I didn’t know how to make care few months before as well, but with cake, I started making many new things more. Ganga fears what if something goes wrong. Anandi says, I will tell you how to make. Ganga then asks, what else doctor sahab likes? Anandi says, after staying in Mumbai, he started liking Dhokla. Ganga doesn’t know how to make that either. Anandi is then telling her recipe of cake, but Natthu comes and tells Anandi that her dad has came to their house. Anandi goes to him. Ganga is excited as she will make cake for Jagya.
Anandi’s father gives prasad to Alok and he’s talking with him and Ira in the living room. Anandi comes and asks him if everything went fine. He says, everything went fine. Alok then tells Anandi to take him to guest room so he can rest. Anandi’s father says, no need to rest and I have to leave soon as well. Alok reminds him of his promise of staying in their house after his jatra. Anandi brings him to the guest room. He sees her tensed face and says, you can’t even share your worry with your dad? Anandi says, there is nothing like that. He says, I can tell that something is bothering you seeing your face. He says, I figured that out seeing Alok’s face as well. Anandi then tells him that Sanchi wants to get married to Jagya. Anandi’s father is shocked. Anandi continues, and we all are going to Jaitsar to talk about it. Her dad says, this is not right at all. I will go and talk with Daddu and Sanchi’s parents. Anandi says, its their personal matter.. you shouldn’t interfere. Anandi’s dad disagrees. Anandi says, but what will you say? We need a valid reason. He says, there is a valid reason.. if they get married, then Jagya, your first husband, will be called your nandhoi.
Anandi says, that’s my issue, not theirs. Why would it matter to them? He says, it does.. what will society say? Anandi says, still I think you should stay quiet. They didn’t ask you for anything, so it won’t be good to interfere. He says, they are from city.. they sometimes don’t think about all this. I know how to talk to them. We will have to let them know and alert them about this. He goes to talk with Sanchi’s parents. He comes out and finds Sanchi standing there.
Sanchi asks him, where are you going? We didn’t even talk to Jagya’s family yet and you want to break that rishta. Who are you to interfere in my life? You’re getting respect of a guest, then be like a guest. Eat, enjoy, and then go back to your house. (She talks very rudely and Anandi is surprised). She continues, if my parents didn’t share anything with you, then there must be a reason. No one asked you what is right and what is wrong. Then why are you going to give lecture? And why? Just because you’re Anandi bhabhi’s father, you got right to interfere in everything? Both father and daughter are alike. Anandi cannot control anymore and tells Sanchi, enough.
Voiceover: When you’re crazy in love, you cross all the limits. (Voiceover hindi is too strong for me so just summarizing)
Precap: Anandi tells Sanchi, I know this is your house and everything happens the way you want. I didn’t tell you anything till now.. that doesn’t mean you will take that as my weakness and talk rudely with my father. If you think you will say anything to my dad and I will say quiet, then you’re wrong. He’s elder than you and you will have to apologize him.