juli 05, 2013

Pavitra Rishta 5th July 2013 Written Episode

Soham leaves Gauri’s house and is relieved as Gauri wasn’t there. Right then Gauri comes in his way. Gauri says, what are you doing outside my house? Last time you came to take Purvi and Pari, so I didn’t say anything. Next time don’t try to be near my house. Soham says, are you done? He leaves now. Purvi is surprised as he didn’t reply back to her.
Purvi is at Arjun’s house to find out how’s DK now. She then asks Arjun if he talked to Ovi. Arjun says, I called her, but she didn’t pick. Purvi requests him to try again. And he gets call from Ovi. Ovi says, you called me? Arjun says, yes you called me at the office so. Ovi says, so Purvi already told you. I didn’t know she joined office as well now. Arjun says, there is no point in creating all these misunderstandings. Nurse brings Dk to his room. Ovi continues, I called you because I wanted to talk with papa and I didn’t know whether he’s allowed to talk on the phone or no. Arjun passes the phone to Dk. Ovi gets emotional. She says, I got scared when I heard about your heart attack. Please take care of yourself. Dk says, I am fine.. here “Arjun, pur…….” He then gets quiet. And then continues, “arjun puri tarah se mera khayal rakh raha hai” (Arjun is taking good care of me). Ovi apologizes him as she believes all this happened because of her decision. Dk says, it was your decision, I hope you’re happy. Ovi says, i am happy. Dk says, I worry about you more than myself. Ovi is crying. She tells him that she has an important meeting and hangs up. Arjun asks what she said. Dk says, she is happy with her decision (Arjun seems to be disappointed), she just called to ask how I am feeling now.
Gauri is at Archu’s house. Archu tells her, this is your house only.. you can come anytime to meet anyone. Gauri is looking for someone. She asks Archu, no one is at home today? Archu takes everyone’s name except Soham and says, they all are here. Gauri says, I was just asking like that. Soham comes home now. Archu goes to the kitchen. Gauri tells soham, after I reached my house, I found out that you came to drop my bad after his accident. She thanks him for that. Soham says, “ijjzz okay”. Gauri doesn’t get it what he means. Soham says, you speak too much english and doesn’t get what I mean? It means “thik hai”. Gauri says, you mean “It’s okay” and tells him, this is the right pronunciation. Soham tries to say it correct way and Archu is watching and smiles. He crunches his teeth to say it properly and is happy after he says it right.
Soham is learning English with Teju. New word for him is “Excuse me”. Soham can’t say it properly and he gives up. He says, he doesn’t want to learn english anymore. Archu is explaining and Manav comes in. He says, he won’t get that. Manav picks up the book from the floor which Soham threw. Manav continues, he doesn’t have any respect for education and until he doesn’t get that respect, he won’t be able to learn anything. I don’t have any expectation from him. High class people don’t want to talk to him anyways. He will never be able to learn English. Soham leaves in anger.
Purvi tells Dk it’s not good to walk too much. Dk says, I am fine and he goes to wash his hands. Arjun asks Purvi to eat breakfast, but Purvi says, I will leave for the office. Arjun holds her shoulder and forcefully makes her sit. He realizes it and takes his hands off. Arjun says, I know you have a meeting, but there’s still time. You can eat breakfast and then go. Purvi sees Kandhepore and gets excited. She asks if Archu sent them. Arjun says, unfortunately no.. I cooked them. Purvi is surprised. She eats it. Arjun asks how is it. Purvi says, it’s good, but salt is little less. Arjun eats it as well and says, I thought too much salt is not good so I always add little. Purvi smiles and says, it’s okay, but next time if you make anything for me, then make sure you add proper salt because I don’t like food with less salt. They both laugh, and then get quiet. Arjun says, I will be careful.
Soham is annoyed with Manav and is speaking to himself. Savita comes and asks, what are you saying? She talks with him in her broken English despite Soham telling her to speak in Hindi. Soham says, I don’t want to learn any English. Savita calls him, useless fellow, buffalo. And leaves. Sundhari is laughing. Soham says, you can laugh on me as well. Sundhari says, I was laughing at madam because her English is not right. You don’t need to feel down. Soham says, I see.. now next time see my answer when she talks in English. Sundhari tells him not to take her name.
Archu comes to Manav and is angry as Manav behaved very rudely with Soham. She says, even we didn’t know English and he’s trying.. how can you talk so rudely? Manav says, I know very well how to behave with him. I have decided something for him and I will tell that in front of everyone tonight.
Soham comes to a tea stall. The vendor is talking with someone on the phone about his daughter’s accident. Seeing him in problem, Soham asks whats the matter. The vendor says, his daughter needs blood and he can’t leave the stall to go to the hospital. Soham says he will go. The vendor asks him for his bloodgroup. Soham says, i don’t know that, but if doctor think I can donate the blood, then I am ready. He takes hospital’s address from him.
Teju is playing with Pari. Arjun comes to her house. Teju passes Pari to him and he plays with Pari. Archu comes and asks him to sit. Teju asks about Dk. Arjun says, he’s much better. Purvi is taking very good care of him. She takes him for the walk and all. He then asks Archu if he can take Pari out for while. Archu says, you don’t need any permission, you can come and meet her any time you want.
Arjun is in the car with Pari. He receives a call from Purvi. Arjun asks her to meet her in the park and then go home with Pari. Purvi agrees.
Soham arrives at the hospital. The patient’s doctor is Gauri. Both get surprised seeing each other. Gauri asks him for his bloodgroup which Soham doesn’t know. Gauri takes him to test his blood. Soham gets scared and tells her, not to take out her revenge here. Gauri says, I am a professional doctor, I don’t mix my professional life with personal.
Patient’s father is also at hospital now. He tells Soham that he asked his brother to handle the stall for while. Report comes and Gauri tells him, your blood group is O+. Soham says, I don’t get O A and all that.. just tell me whether I can donate or no. Gauri says, yes you can. Soham goes in. Patient’s father tells Gauri that Soham is like God for him. They two don’t even know each other properly and is still helping him. He praises Soham a lot.
Gauri comes in and praises Soham and says, I am very happy knowing you came here by yourself. Because of you, this girl’s life will be saved. Thank You So much. Soham says, it’s okay, properly and Gauri is impressed and smiles at him. Soham too smiles.
Precap: Arjun is on the phone in the market. He turns back and doesn’t find Pari there. He asks everyone around, but no one knows anything.