juli 04, 2013

Saraswatichandra 4th July 2013 Written Update

The Episode starts with Budhidhan saying he will regret this. (Kumud’s wedding with Saras, not with his son) He says if he gets time, he will come in the wedding. Vidyachatur asks him to come for sure. Budhidhan greets them and leaves. Laxminandan thinks about Saras’s words and how he blamed him for Saraswati’s death. Ghuman comes and says Saras should not get your love, I will never forgive him. Ghuman ignites the fire in Laxminandan’s heart. She says Saras is yourfirst child, and I saw love in your eyes for him, but he has removed your name from his name. Let him be on his own, I loved him more than my son but he called me a thief saying I have stolen his mum’s payal and his mum’s husband from his mum. Ghuman cries and says after I met you, I stopped worshiping because you are my Lord, and Saras called me a thief. Laxminandan gets angry. Ghuman says save our house, for my sake. The oldies have a hug. Ghuman thinks this issue will kick Saras out of the house.
Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:
Vidyachatur tells his family about Budhidhan, and he came in touch with him in the karkhana. Budhidhan saw Kumud once and gave his son’s proposal, but Kumud and Saras’s proposal was fixed, so I said no to him. Vidyachatur praises Budhidhan. The family smiles.
Scene shifts to Laxminandan:
Laxminandan asks Ghuman to stop crying and apologizes to her on Saras’s behalf. The servant comes and informs them that Saras is leaving the house. Laxminandan comes out of his room and tries to stop him, Ghuman comes after him and asks Laxminandan not to stop him, as he has insulted us. Laxminandan says he is my son, how can I let him go. She says he has insulted me calling me a thief and you want to stop him, who am I to you. Saras leaves in his car. Ghuman says if you stop him today, then I will feel that you don’t regard me as your wife and I cannot bear it. She cries and Laxminandan stops seeing her crocodile tears.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud is on the terrace seeing the sky and her mahendi. She says the day got over but this night is long. Danny comes to her and says what are you doing on the terrace, she says I was not feeling sleepy. Danny jokes with her. Danny praises her, she says your brother is not taking my call. He says wait, I will call him. Saras’s phone is switched off. Danny says I will find about him. Danny calls Ghuman. Ghuman is very much happy. Danny asks about Saras. Ghuman says he might be busy or sleeping is his room. She makes excuses. Danny says Kumud that you cannot talk to Saras now, but there is no such problem, so relax and sleep. Ghuman thinks Saras went from here and might be reaching Ratnagiri soon.
The next morning, the women are grinding haldi. Badimaa and Guniyal have a talk. Kusum says Didi’s mood is bad, they ask why. Kumud comes and Badimaa asks her what happened. Kusum says nothing, she will go far from us, so might be because of it. Badimaa says then you will go closer to Saras. Kumud smiles. Guniyal says Haldi is ready. Badimaa asks Kumud not to go outside the house as the rituals have started. Danny asks Kumud did Saras call, she says no. Danny promises her that he will make her talk with Saras today.
Scene shifts to Laxminandan:
Laxminandan is ready and Ghuman asks him to have breakfast, he says he is not hungry and leaves for the office. Ghuman says Saras should go away from our lives, and I have pushed him in his mum’s memories again and he has broken his relation with his father and I think he will not keep any relation with Kumud too. Danny calls Sunny and says Kumud is not much happy as Saras is not answering his call. Sunny comes to know that Saras came to him. Sunny cuts Danny’s call and asks Saras what happened, are you fine.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
The haldi ceremony is going on. Everyone are happy. Danny signs Kumud to smile and she smiles. Guniyal is doing the rituals, Kumud watches her phone. Guniyal is tying a thread and it falls. Everyone are shocked as its a bad sign. Badimaa says tie again. Guniyal ties it. Kumud is still waiting for Saras’s call. Guniyal applies the haldi to Kumud. Badimaa and other women also apply the haldi to Kumud and bless her. Danny is standing there watching this ceremony and smiles. Chandrika congratulates Guniyal and Badimaa that the wedding preparations have started. Danny also applies haldi to Kumud. Kumari teases Danny and applies haldi to him. They both run from there. Kumud looks at her phone again and again.
Scene shifts to Saras:
Saras is resting in Sunny’s room and thinks about his mum’s suicide. He cries.

Saras calls Kumud and says our marriage cannot happen, you leave me. Kumud is shocked.