juli 11, 2013

Qubool Hai 11th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: On the road
Asad and tanveer are going back to bhopal in the car, and there’s an awkward silence to stop which tanveer asks to play music. when he does so lifelessly, it plays a romantic number, which brings back memories of him with zoya. tanveer asks if he wants to stay somewhere else. She says that its good that they missed their flight as he got another chance to do charity. but asad doesnt respond, to tanveer’s frustration. Tanveer says that she doesnt feel that there’s any charitable institution and its very deserted, to which asad curtly says that he knows. tanveer gives up hope of inciting a conversation with him, and sits irritatedly, while asad is lost.
Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As humaira is about to approach the store house, she is stopped by razia who asks her what she wants. She says that she’s just admiring her house. Razia says that this is her house too, and then composes herself saying that she also feels like a member of the family. She says that she and vikram live in a small 2 BHK, but they are very hapy in it. Humaira hesitatingly asks whats inside the room, where actually razia has kept badi bi. Razia is speechless. She is about to go, but razia stops her saying that there’s nothing speacial, just some old stuff. She lights up at the prospect of the old designs, and approaches the room, but razia sternly asks her not to enter, there, but seeing her fear, she composes herself and explains her calmly that there’s nothing there, and she would for no reason spoil her hands. Humaira uneasily moves from there, while razia is relieved.
Imran tells Nikhat that there’s still some time in the wedding. The girls tease her about it. as humaira comes and asks that she would want to be invited, ayan says that coming back would be when she goes, and then composes saying that noone would let her go. Humaira gives imran snacks. Nikhat finds the locket in imran’s chain, and tries to see it, but imran hides it, and she still finds the letter N, and gives the girls a chance to tease him on the nerve that is disturbing him lately. Imran leaves in hsate citing an important work. The girls too leave. Ayan sees humaira tensed and asks whats the matter. She asks for how long has nikhat known imran. Ayan says that inthe past two months. Humaira says that she has an interest in jewellery making, and that pendant wasnt two months old. This alarms ayan but he doesnt show it.
When razia comes home and finds a servant fiddling with the lock behind which badi bi is locked, she thrashes him out of the house, saying that she would get whatever is needed. the servant leaves in haste. She is shifting badi bi to some other place, when she is shocked hearing the girls coming and she hastens the process to get rid opf badi bi, who frantically tries for a hand movement to attract the girls’ attention. When they do look that side, they find razia with her job finished, and having a lock in her hands. They ask her and she gives an excuse of reshuffling things and nothing special. Razia leaves in haste. just then, the bangle that they were so excitedly talking about, falls from nikhat’s hands, and to the door, behind which badi bi is locked. She takes the bangle and is about to turn when Badi bi tries to speak out, to open the door, as she’s trapped inside, and humaira senses something intuitively and looks back.
Scene 1:
Location: Jagotia’s residence
Sarita takes off her photo along with raj, and replaces it with divya, wishing them happiness in the world. she cals up divya. Divya is surprised to get her call, and asks if everything is alright, and stops beforer spilling out raj’s name. Sarita says that they are very happy together. Divya says that she knew raj is a very nice person. but when divys is told that she has divorced raj, and is giving divya a chance to get back to raj. She asks sarita to stop this nonsense. But sarita says that she has become friend if not husband and wife, and that he rightfully deserves her. Divya says that they are meant to be together. Sarita says that they are very happy together, and she wants to give her best friend all the happiness in the world, and invites her to their house, for shiela’s engagement at which she would make her be with raj too forever. But divya is adamant that she wont do this, as its impossible and decides that she would go very far from their life. As she cancels the phone, Sarita says that she wont let her go anywhere, and repeat the same mistake that she did ten years back.
Kamla is shocked at the way sohan is spending money on his daughter’s engagement. Sohan says that raj has called a film star, and there would be a huge celebration. Kamla asks what good would that do. Sohan says thatdivorce papers are ready, and they can get rid of sarita also today, by choosing any random guy, which would save on the cost, and also help them get rid of sarita. He lures her in this plan, at the pretext of jewellery every week. kamla says that she has a plan, and she would be successful in it.
kamla intentionally gets Sarita a revealing blouse and saree, for the fact that she would be very beautiful and attractive in this, and noone would as it is take a married woman in their hosue, as a new wife, and this is the only way to get remarried. sarita asks what is she doing, her remarriage or a business proposal. Kamla gives her the pretext of raj, to do it for her, so that she gets a new groom, and gives her swearing on raj, to wear this only in the party. Sarita is shocked at such a behaviour. But finally she dresses up, and trying to adjust the clothes, she views herself in the mirror, while raj comes and finds her in discomfort with the backless blouse. He doesnt say anything and goes inside. He comes back with a dupatta and draping it over her, saying that her beauty is in her simplicity. He says that he knows that she’s forced to do this, but she should never stoop so low, that others stomp on her and move ahead. He asks her to come out as Rohan and his family have arrived.
As the family is gathered downstairs, they are surprised to find zoya being carried by him in his arms. He clears the confusion saying that he found her on the road, after her car met with an accident, and asks for a doctor. the girls rush to his assistance. His mother says that they dont have the ritual of two woman, and hence rohan divorced first and then agreed for the relation. But they are taken inside in haste by Jagotia’s family so as not to be insulted in front of the society.
Granny tels raj that she hopes that shiela is much loved by rohan, and even if rohan’s the second time, she still is sure of shiela’s happiness, and wishes the same for sarita too.
The doctor prescribes the medicines for zoya and leaves. the fatso asks rohan to join the party while she looks after the girl. But getting a phone call, she too leaves, leaving zoya alone, and reminded of asad, who too reciprocates the same for zoya, and a dream sequence of dance between the two follows.(TERI MERI) She wakes up reminiscient of the dream, and wonders where is she. she runs out of the room. Sarita comes down, in the room full of guests, where her in laws’ are searching for a prospective groom for her. Kamla is irritated when raj smiles at sarita.
kamla threatens the matchmaker to find a match for sarita or else she wont give her the commission for Shiela’s relation. Manishka from CONNECTED HUM TUM, is also introduced by shiela to sarita, who marvels at her unique show. she gets the jagotia family to promise that they would definitely watch her show. Munni comes and reminds sarita that her dance number is due, hearing which shiela is very happy that her sister in law, would enjoy herself after such a long time. As sarita dances, zoya too joins the party, and enjoys it, while raj too looks happily at his ex-wife now. One of the guest particularly is mesmerised by sarita dancing, and kamls notices it, and introduces sarita as the perfect girl that a parent could want. the matchmaker too gives an intro about abhay, the guest, who turns out to be an NRI, much to Kamla’s delight. He is taken aside by the matchmaker. The item ends amidst much joy. Kamla is insistent that he chooses sarita, but proclaiming her as unmarried daughters of theirs, at which abhay is very eager to take the proposal ahead. Manishka sees this and is determined that she would bring Kamla’s truth out in front of everyone. She video shoots the entire thing.
Meanwhile, Zoya asks sarita where is she. she introduces herself, and asks about zoya, who gives her intro too. She asks who got her here. The fatso shows her that it was rohan. as she asks to go and thank him, rohan comes and says that her thank you would be accepted when she joins them in their joy. zoya says that she cant stay back, but they all are insistent that she stays back. zoya says that she realises the pain of relations being broken, and the result of not trusting someone who’s very dear to her. Sarita tells zoya about her remarriage with raj’s consent, emphasising her faith in raj and zoya is shocked at such an unnatural thing. Sarita explains her entire story, of the loveless marriage that drove this step. Zoya agrees. She says that she has learnt a lot from her in such a shot time, and she would stay back, particularly to meet the guy who wants to get his wife rem,arried and has the guts to face the society too. sarita says that raj indeed is unique. After she leaves, zoya wonders that sarita seems to be in deep love with her husband.
Manishka asks Raj to help her in disclosing his mother’s betrayal. she expresses her surprise when raj goes to show it to everyone. He tells the truth about his family, and goes on to tell how much sarita has been tortured but no more. he goes to spoil kamla’s evil plan. as kamls is talking about the prospect of sarita marrying abhay, Zoya, standing at a distance asks sarita about Abhay, and noticing his body language, zoya asks sarita to stay away from him. kamla is very happy when she knows that abhay would take sarita to USA. His parents too exclaim about Abhay being a highly eligible bachelor. As kamla is about to seal the relation with sweets, raj comes and asks them to atleast meet the bride’s husband, which shocks them. He tells everything that his mother had concocted all this, and they shouldnt be kept in the dark. He says that he is the only problem in sarita’s life. Abhay however is still in agreement to marry her, without holding her married status as a bar. raj eyes sarita, who is standing with her head bowed down. He says that now its upto sarita to decide whether she agrees to this marriage or not. Sarita is in a fix, whenj raj comes and asks about her descision. The fatso however gets into an intro about the next number, sung by Taiyyab Ali, and being performed by Aslam. As he starts singing, Imran Khan joins them, while raj lingers around sarita waiting for her descision. He laments on kamla nd sohan, and gets a surprised zoya, to join him in the dance. she too participates enthusiastically. all applaud the act, while Imran takes a bow, and asks them to applaud Aslam, himself and zoya. Zoya tells them about Raj’s and Sarita’s peculiar marriage and the descision tht they have taken together. imran advises Raj that he should always be extra cautious when handling a woman. he says that seeing them , he feels that the relation isnt dying but beginning and starting a new life over. But Raj disagrees, and presnets them the current situation. Imran asks sarita to close her eyes, and do what she feels is right. Zoya however disagrees saying that she shouldnt make this descision hastily, even if raj has selected this person. Sarita says that this is the exact reason why she would want to marry him, as Raj has selected him, and she has faith on Raj’s descision more than herself. Imran says that atleast his presence came with a good news. He takes his departure having fulfiled his prupose. Soham and kamla are overjoyed. Manishka has a new idea, and asks raj that they can send Sarita and Abhay on a date, at imran’s next film release. raj and sarita awkwardly agree.
Abhay and Sarita’s parents are discussing together, if they can get their children engaged today only. Abhay’s parents wonder if they are not being hasty. But kamla scares them off with the idea of a foreign daughter in law, at which they instantly seal the deal. They go out to look for preparations, while kamla and soham enjoy their plan’s success and go to make arrangements themselves. Praising abhay galore, and sarita too, kamla announces the newly formed relation in front of everyone, and asks them to applaud this added happiness too.They comply.
Zoya asks sarita why is she doing this, when she loves him so much. She says that she is doing it because raj wants it, and because she loves him as bad as she loves asad. Zoya says that she can see that depth of love in her eyes too, thats why she is boggled when she hears that sarita is remarrying someone else. Sarita says thats because he loves someone else. Zoya is too boggled at this entangled web of relations. As zoya goes to talk to raj, sarita stops her saying that she wants to go away, so that raj gets his love back. seeing her dtermination, zoya agrees and wishes them all the happiness in their lives. Sarita says that her faith has been renewed seeing the love she has for asad. Munni excitedly asks sarita and zoya to join them, in the engagement ceremony. Rohan engages with shiela amidst much applause. kamla announces the next engagement of Sarita and Abhay. They both approach each other awkwardly. raj senses her discomfort and goes to sarita, who is very nervous and tensed. He apologises to sarita that all of it hapened so fast that he didnt get the time to buy a new ring for her. hje takes off her engagement ring and gives it to sarita to go ahead with her engagement to Abhay. She awkwardly accepts it, and extends her hand so that abhay can do the formalities. But before placing the ring, Abhay stops, surprising everyone. kamla says that they agree to every possible dowry that they possibly want.
Before the engagement, Abhay says that he has a condition, at which everyone including zoya and sarita are surprised. He says that he wants her to get a virginity test, shocking everyone and mortifying sarita with the embarassment. He says that he has lived life on hsi own terms, and came to india to marry a virgin girl, and knows sarita’s truth and hence there should be no problem to have this test. Abhay refuses to believe that they havent had any physical relation since ten years. Zoya and manishka reprimand him for such an orthodox idea, while he defends saying that he just wants to know the truth as he doesnt believe what raj said, and doubts sarita’s character. It angers raj and he slaps abhay, at which all the relatives and family are surprised. he shows her the futility of this marriage, and breaks off all relations. Rohan however supports raj and is angered at his own cousin brother. Zoya too taunts him for not being a human at all. zoya asks him if he’s a virgin. Abhay says that its just for the girls. zoya asks him to get lost. Abhay’s father however threatens that he wont let sarita be married in this society. Malishka applauds raj for his bravery and guts and concern for sarita, and leaves. zoya too joins in the applaud, and laments at the hypocrisy of the society, and asks him to refrain from such dramas, and should take descisions with much maturity as true love is rare. she too leaves. Raj is shaken by what happened. In a fit of rage, raj throws the green dupatta on the floor, and burning it with candles, he places his hand for an oath and says that he would sacrifice his love, if he doesnt find a suitable groom for sarita in a month’s time and never meet divya ever again. sarita is overwhelmingly shocked to hear this, while kamla and soham are devastated that their hopes of getting rid of sarita seems to have dashed. All are surprised at such determination. He says that within a month, he would find a better husband than himself and get Sarita remarried. The screen freezes on raj’s determined face.

Precap: Sarita asks Raj where would he serach for a prospective groom who’s suitable enough according to him. she asks him to consider the fact that it isnt easy for a married woman to have a second husband on her own terms. Raj says that he would show the world, that it is possible to have a married woman remarried, without any compulsions and compromising terms. Sarita is tensed to see such rage.