juli 04, 2013

Jodha Akbar 4th July 2013 Written Update

Jalal is on his way to Agra,his entry in the palace is announced.
On one side of the palace is the harem where the girls are dancing and they are all awaiting Jalal’s arrival with some eunuch. A girl is taking bath in a pond and surrounded by other women and she inquires about what is lacking in her which dissuades Jalal to go to Ruqaiya, Jalal’s first wife, confidante,childhood friend whom Jalal’s trusted to the core and she was well versed with running of the kingdom. Guards inform her that Jalal is on his way to meet her.
The women have a one upmanship to get a glimpse of Jalal, while Jalal has an eye only for Ruqaiya, they make an eye contact….and the rest of the women get jealous.
On the other hand, The girls along with Jodha and her bhabhi is leading them to the secret tunnel which will help them find a way out of Amer just in case the war breaks out and they lose. Jodha comes to know that her bhabhi is pregnant but has not shared the news with anyone , not even her husband as this can weaken the resolve to fight the war. Jodha thinks why only women are supposed to sacrifice their happiness.
Abida Begum, Jala’s mother welcomes him with sweets, Maham Anga comes in between, tastes the sweets and then passes it to Jalal. A lady questions her behaviour and she tells her that she wanted to assure that there was no poison mixed in the sweet. Jalal is surprised and tells her that now he wants her to feed him the sweets. His mother is very hurt and rest of the ladies are shocked, MM gives a winning look to BK. BK tells one of his soldier that we will have to be very careful about MM.
Jalal enters the chambers of the harem, the women try to pamper him but he goes to the room of Ruqaiya. He sees thechess board spread in front of him with the real life people in the boxes. Ruqaiya tells him that she wants to continue the game which he left in between the last time. She tells him that stubbornness is her right as she is a women, young at age and a beloved of the king. She asks him where was he without the army and he tells her that since she is more of a friend than a queen to him, he had been to Amer. Ruqaiya is surprised.
Precap: Shagunibai tells Jodha’s mom to start preparing for Jodha’s marriage. Jodha and Suryabhan are together at a place and are surprised to see something.