juli 05, 2013

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 5th July 2013 Written Episode

Munna gives a cup of tea to Mohan and asks him to get used to it. Mohan says if he gives it then that is acceptable as well. Mohan praises the tea and asks Munna why he is here. Munna says he wanted to see his state and asks Mohan if he has any problems. Mohan says he is comfortable but he still hasn’t given answers to people. Mohan says the pain he is giving no one else can give. Mohan asks Addu to come home. Munna asks Mohan never to call him Addu and he will not come back as his pain is not over yet. Munna leaves and says he will back soon. Mohan calls Munna “Aye chaiwale”.
Megha and Tanu address AI staff asking them to help get Mohan out. They decide to record statements from people who Mohan helped. Megha asks them to help save Mohan as they all know the kind of man Mohan.
Mohan tells Munna at least now there is a relation between them even if it is that of hatred. Mohan says he will turn this hatred into love and clear all misunderstandings. Mohan asks him to leave and do whatever he wants to do.
Jiji wonders to Aarti as to why MM keep getting separated. RJ comes there with Guru. Aarti decides to take RJ to play but Renu comes and starts taunting Aarti. Renu is about to reveal about Mohan but Aarti stops her in time. Aarti asks Renu to play with them. Renu agrees on the only condition that she gets to go first They tie a cloth on Renu’s eyes and run away Renu realizes she has been fooled. Jiji chides Renu for talking without thinking in front of RJ.
Dada taunts Beera. Beera says he did what he thought was correct as he could not break Beera’s trust. Beera asks for forgiveness from Dada. Dada says he has come to show how there is still someone who is loyal to him. Dada says Munna has put Mohan in a horrendous situation. Dada puts on a news channel which announces about Mohan’s arrest. Beera is shocked. Beera asks Dada to forget everything and to get Mohan out. Dada says today he doesn’t feel like saying no to him. Dada says but there is a condition and if he(Beera) fulfills it only then will Mohan be freed.
Megha and Tanu arrive at Munna’s house in the hope of finding Munna to stand as witness. They keep knocking the door but no one opens it. Megha finds the window open and she opens it to look inside. They spot Munna. Munna is really happy to see Megha. Megha and Munna touch each other’s face. Munna asks for Mohan. Megha says Mohan willl come soon. Munna’s grandmother comes and asks why Megha is here. Megha pleads Dadi to allow Munna to come to the police station to give witness in favour of Mohan. Dadi refuses to listen to Megha and asks Megha to leave them alone. Munna comes out and calls Megha maiyya. Dadi takes Munna away Tanu tells Megha that they need to find another way.
Navi steps out into the living to see a card and breakfast. She calls out to Beera. She picks up the card all pleased. Navi wonders where Beera is. She decides to search for Beera but then decides otherwise as Beera might be planning another surprise.
Beera tells Dada that he loves Navi. Dada chides his for loving Navi more than him. Dada tells Beera that if he wants Mohan to be freed then he has to listen to what he says. Beera asks Dada how can he do it now as Navi is his wife now and her family has done so much for him. Beera asks Dada to punish him but Dada says it is a fair deal. Dada says leave Navi and get Mohan out. Dada says if he doesn’t agree then Mohan can play with his children in the jail.
Guru tells Mohan that even if an angel steps from heaven would they be able to help him. Guru asks Mohan to tell Megha about Addu. Mohan says Megha will be heartbroken learning about Addu. Guru asks Mohan till when will all this go on. Mohan says till Addu becomes Megha’s Addu. Guru says he is not even getting bail. Moahn says the food in the jail is better than his food.
Megha asks Tanu about bail. Tanu says bail may or may not happen as Mohan is not cooperating with the police.
Beera sitting thinking about Dada’s deal. Beera thinks he has to do something instead of sitting idle. Beera calls Megha. Megha asks Beera if they are enjoying in Goa. Beera asks Megha as to why did they not inform him about Mohan’s arrest. Megha says she didn’t want them worry. Beera asks Megha how Mohan is. Megha says Mohan is being stubborn and stuck on his principles. Megha says they are more worried than Mohan. Megha asks Beera not to tell anything to Navi. Beera asks Megha if they have filed for bail. Megha says they might get bail. Megha says the case has become a high profile case and hence it will be tough to get bail. Beera thinks to himself that Dada will go out of his way to make sure that Mohan doesn’t get bail. Beera thinks the bail has to happen anyway.
Precap: The voiceover says Mohan is quiet so that Munna does not get into trouble and Beera is in a tough situation wondeing whether to save Navi or her family…