juli 01, 2013

Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 1st July 2013 Written Update

The episode starts with at the shop, Vihaan asking Rachna to drop her at her home. Mayan having lots of fun at room, celebrating their honeymoon, drinking and dancing. Gunjan going mad and talking crazy. Here Vihaan drops Rachana at her home, and assures her that he will try his best to find any way to fight with the problem. Mayank getting romantic. Sangeeta loudly asking Gopal not to pay a penny for the loss as she have to think about her child n Rachna listening all at the door. Rachna thinking about the convo between Sangeeta and Gopal, Shail coming inside to let her ask for the college. Rachna asking for sorry as she was totally gone at that time that she forgot to switch off the main switch. Mayaan getting ready for spending time in goa. Here Dayal reading the letter from the insurance company, that they will not gonna get the insurancemoney as that was the mistake of family member so their application for the money is resisted for further investigation, he was totally lost and in his disappoinment he said the words that he should not allow Rachna to take the order, if she would be a son that’s a thing apart. Rachna badly hurted by his words.
Gunajn getting miss calls. Mayan making sand castle at the beach and the villian CHAARU enters spoiling their castle and Gunjan asking madly as of who did it.