juli 02, 2013

Madhubala: Sultan's mother Meera to call Mohan Kundra a thief

Madhubala: SultanColors Madhubala – EK Ishq and Junoon is about to witness a dramatic turn just when Sultan (Avinesh Rekhi) and Meera are about to leave RK's (Vivian Dsena) mansion.
Meera will call RK’s father Mohan a thief which will not be tolerated by RK.
In the last episode, Meera decides to leave Radha’s house since she realized that Radha is having problems due to her (Meera) stay in house.
Sultan also agrees with her mother for her wish and for the sake of good Madhubala and Radha.
Just when Meera was about to leave, Radha calls back to hug Meera and just as Dipali wanted Meera sees Mohan Kundra’s photo and gets shocked.
In the coming episode, Meera will be stunned to see her husband Mohan’s photo and will shout that he is thief who stole my son.
Let’s see how Sultan and RK will react to this event. Madhubala who is speaking in favor of Meera can affect RK and Madhubala’s relationship adversely.