juli 09, 2013

Qubool Hai 9th July 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Hotel in Ajmer’s Bulandshahar Dargah
Tanveer is hoping that zoya’s gone, remembering that zoya was waiting for her cab. As she crosses the same mannequin, she is given a blow by the same sword that she used to intimidate zoya. she is stunned when zoya comes out from behind the mannequin, confronting her.

Outside the dargah, Zoya says that she should have understood that it could be her only. Zoya confronts tanveer that its was her who plotted to kill her. she says yes. Zoya asks where is asad. Tanveer says that he’s gone and she has lost Asad, and that she shouldnt try and get him back as its in vain, as she wont let that happen. Zoya says that she can try to stop all that she wants, but she too is determined that she would crush her along with her insane ideas. She tells tanveer that she knows the truth about the other night, as it was her drama all along, which she believed as asad didnt remember anything. She reminds her that he may have been with her, but was talking about zoya only, and thats her biggest defeat. Zoya says that asad cant even dream of doing this. tanveer tensedly asks what is the proof that she has of this. Zoya says that her tensed face is giving away her crime. Zoya says that all games have two players, and now its her turn for her strike, as the first was hers and the last would be hers. Tanveer smiles and says that she still hasnt recognised her. zoya says that she is meant to be crushed to the ground. Zoya leaves from there, while tanveer is very angry. she decides to end this episode today only, by any means.
Waiting for the cab, Asad wonders why is tanu taking so much time.
Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
The girls get humaira to their Zingo Hottie meeting, where ayan too is present. ayan tells her about it and its secrecy fromparents, when she is surprised hearing the name. They also show her the anthem. She is happy and laughs at this. humaira asks who else is in this group. Ayan points out to her saying humaira too. She retaliates saying that she isnt humaira, but rajni, and akss if thats the reason they got her here. Ayan instantly apologises saying that they believe that she is rajni, and has been invited just to have fun. She says that its time for her babaji’s sermon, and she wants to watch TV. Nuzrat takes her to the room. Nikhat expresses tension about this with ayan. He says that they have to keep trying, as she has to come back.

As an irritating aunty calls out for ayan, he awkwardly resigns to meet her. She says that she’s here to meet Ayan’s fiancee. Shirin calls out for humaira, who is dressed as an Indian bride. Aunty is shocked to see this. she asks about the attire. Nikhat says that she’s rehearsing for a drama in college where she’s playing an indian wife. her shock still isnt less. She places ayan next to her, while humaira is uncomfortable. She gives humaira some money as a token, and leaves after that. Humaira is shocked at this. She reprimands shirin for all olf this, as she has been repeatedly saying that she’s rajni, and not ayan’s fiancee. shirin apologises. But she says that howcome she didnt rectify the grave error. She is sure that she is being trapped into forcibly being with ayan, when she’s rajni, and not ayan. As she throws the photo, she sees Humaira’s photo, and is shocked at the uncanny similarity. She cries out that she doesnt know him nor even wants to, and he cant win her over, as she’s someone else’s wife. She gets to leave, but ayan says that this isnt required, as noone would bother her anymore, and call her humaira. ayan leaves himslef. As he leaves, nikhat tells ayan’s apathy to her, and says that noone would bother her anymore especially Ayan.
Nikhat comes to ayan and consoles her that humaira would return, and they have to give her time just like she said. Seeing humaira come in, they are shocked. she apologises for having hurt him so badly, and others too, even though unintentionally, scraping his wounds again. she apologises profusely,. but ayan lightens the mood, saying that she shouldnt do this, and humaira keeps playing such pranks. He goes into poetry,

As he anxiously waits for her reaction, he is extremely relieved when he finds humaira giggling with laughter.
Scene 3:
Location: On the cliff
Zoya says that here only, she could see the truth about that night, and have renewed faith in her love. She says that now that she knows about her love, she has to be given the strength to fight for it, as he can go to any lengths to get Asad, the love of her life. Asad too thinks that he loves her. She too remembers his confession and zoya screams out, I LOVE YOU, Mr. Khan, and asad as though sensing out zoya calling out to him, is stunned into a stop, as he is about to get into the cab. (MITWA MOMENT) The chaffeur comes and asks asad if he would be leaving soon. he agrees though wanting to stay back in the hope of getting zoya.
zoya doesnt realise that tanveer has sneaked up behind her, and is waiting for her next move. As zoya turns around sensing something, tanveer tells her that she may have survived by two inches earlier in the day, but not this time. zoya is puzzled and shocked. Tanveer who is irritated and gives her a push, and that makes zoya fall off the cliff, with a scream, while tanveer smiles evilly. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: As zoya slips down, in the meanwhile asad’s green holy chadar flows from his hand, as he tries to grab for it, and he starts running after it. He doesnt realise that its taking him to his destiny and love. Zoya grabs the green dupatta that gets stuck, and gives her a support to climb up the cliff again. Having reached to the top, she regains her breath, and decides that she has to go back to her loved and dear ones. she starts running back, clutching at the green dupatta.