maj 20, 2013

Vivian and I fight a lot on the sets of Madhubala and even spit on each other: Laughs Indresh Malik

Indresh Malik
Okay, the headline might alarm the ‘yucky’ senses in you but then we all know that even actors are humans and can resort to oddities at times.
Though Vivian Dsena playing RK in Colors’ Madhubala looks absolutely stunning and suave, but in real life, it seems that he is one maha mastikhor., recently had a chat with Vivian’s co star in the show, Indresh Malik (who is seen as RK’s manager Bittu) and he shared with us that he and Vivian just can’t help but fight, yes literally, box each other while on the sets.
Initially, the rest of the cast and crew used to freak out, all thanks to their violent behaviour but now, they’ve learnt to ignore. Everybody on the sets knows that they will fight and then get back together.
So what are the major reasons for the tiffs? “Vivian is the one responsible for all the fights,” says Indresh as he goes on to add, “He will either come and spoil my make-up or hit me out of the blue in order to piss me off. And the kind of person I am, I give it back to him.”
So, do people on the sets come to stop them? “No, it’s just that people know that that fight would stop after we are done spitting on each other.” Spitting? Like really? “Yes, we do spit on each other,” laughs Indresh.
But then, it is all done in jest and Indresh and Vivian are best of friends. “We really gel well in spite of our chutput fights.”
Now you know how boys behave on the sets…at least some of them (wink).