maj 15, 2013

TV stars define "love"

‘Love’- many people have tried to define this magical world. The Merriam Webster Dictionary defines it as ‘strong affection for another arising out of kinship or personal ties’. Many have fought over what ‘love’ should actually be. There have been prosaic, poetic, spiritual and passionate definitions of love. We asked your favourite TV actors how they would define the emotion.

Hiten Tejwani
Love is a feeling which wherein you want to do everything and anything for that person. There are various kinds of love- parental love, love between friends, love between man and woman, love between siblings etc.

Juhi Parmar
Love cannot be defined because if love could be put into words then it would not have been love. Love can only be felt.

Jayshree Soni
When you have love with you, your life seems to be complete.

Kanan Malhotra
Love is a beautiful feeling. If you love someone, you really care for her and love her company. Love is not just between a man and woman. You can love your father, mother, brother, sister, child and friend.

Madhu Raja
You can love your children, spouse, friends etc. In fact, you can love things too. For instance I love music. Music is indeed like therapy to me. When I listen to a favourite song I am transported to the days when I was young and had first heard the song. Most importantly one should love oneself. If you love your daughter, you will expect something in return. However if you love yourself then you can love the whole world.

Meghna Malik
Love is when you are in perfect harmony with and finding peace in relation to something, nurturing it at the same time. You may be in love with nature, society etc.

Kushal Punjabi
Love is unconditional care with no expectations whatsoever. You may love your girlfriend, wife, father, friend etc.

Mona Vasu
I don’t think it is easily possible to define love. Probably the closest one can get to defining ‘love’ is by defining ‘non-love’. or ‘unlove’-. whatever we choose to call it. So whether it is love for family, friends, companions or strangers, it is not desire or wanting to possess. Expecting is not loving. For example, I remember being deeply disturbed about this recent news of some teenagers being tortured to their death in a 'gay conversion camp' to which their parents themselves had sent them. I was appalled at the news. Love should be selfless and lead to betterment, not harm anyone.

Maninder Singh
It is very tough to define love. Various people have various definitions of love. I feel when you are in love you feel that you are in your own space, when you breathe in everything around you looks good and you look forward to everyday. When you are in love you lead a soulful and meaningful life.