maj 13, 2013

Theft of money in the Chaturvedi house leaves Sona stunned in Aaj Ki Housewife Hai... Sab Jaanti Hai

Suhasi Dhami
Zee TV’s Aaj Ki Housewife Hai… Sab Jaanti Hai, produced by Gulshan Sachdev will have a twist in the tale when there will be a theft of money from the Chaturvedi house. As per the ongoing track, Sona (Suhasi Dhami) has caught the thief red-handed and she very well knows that Radha (Parul Chaudhary), the dhabewali was behind stealing food from the colony. However, Sona has not revealed this to anyone in the house as she understands that Radha was doing it as she was the only bread winner in her family and she was in need of money.
It so happens that Radha comes to the Chaturvedi house to thank Sona for all the help she has rendered and expresses her gratitude. At the same time, Sunaina (Himani Shivpuri) realizes that money has been stolen from the house. This leaves Sona in shock as she feels Radha has stolen the money. She has a huge confrontation with Radha over this, but Radha denies to have stolen money from their house. This is when Sona bumps over few clues that indicate to Radha being innocent. This sets Sona on a path to hunt for the real culprit.
Will Sona be able to prove Radha as innocent in front of her family members?
When contacted, Parul Chaudhary said, “Yes, there is indeed a twist in the tale. You will have to watch out.”
This particular sequence will start airing from tonight (13 May 2013).