maj 03, 2013

The Audience say Qubool Hai – Now the show at number 2 spot across the GECs

Qubool hai

A television show is as good as its TRPs, for that decides how long a show lasts. Television Rating Point (TRP) breaks or makes a show and of course the only to way we believe to get the TRP is to give content that would get audiences enthralled enough to want to tune into the show and watch it every single day. Of course, there are intricate factors like time spent et al however, a show will be watched for what it brings to the audience, relatibility.

Karan Singh Grover, Amrapali Gupta, Nehalaxmi Iyer and Surbhi Jyoti  in Qubool Hai

4 Lions Films have managed to get their audiences hooked on to their shows for two reasons, the content and its look. They say, television is a medium of writers and with Mrinal Jha and Gul Khan at the helm, the show has reached number 2 spot across all GECs. It already enjoys being the number 1 show on Zee TV. A popular TV show , Qubool Hai deals with a two Muslims families who are related yet at war.  With star cast that not just has the class but brass. Karan Singh Grover is one of the most popular face on Television and plays Asad Ahmed Khan. Unlike himself Asad is a man who is serious. Co-starring with him is a very able and natural actor Surbhi Jyoti who gives Zoya Farooqui a unique flavor with shayaris and takiya kalaams. Perhaps the only lead actress on television who wears jeans, Qubool Hai has a story line up that if full of intrigue and romance that goes hand in hand.

Vidta Sinha and Alka Kaushal in Qubool Hai

The other important star cast includes Vidya Sinha (Badi Bi), Tej Sapru (Gaffur Siddiqui), Alka Kaushal (Razia Siddiqui), Vaquar Shaikh (Raashid Ahmed Khan), Shalini Kapoor (Dilshad Ahmed Khan), Shabnam Sayed (Shireen Ahmed Khan), Nehalaxmi Iyer (Najma Ahmed Khan), Ketki Kadam (Humeira Siddiqui) , Archana Taide (Nikhat Ahmed Khan),  Farina Parvez (Nuzzat Ahmed Khan) and Amrapali Gupta (Tanveer).