maj 26, 2013

Teen Ka Tadka: Top 3 Promos of the Week.

Diya aur Baati Hum:

DABH Teen Ka Tadka: Top 3 Promos of the Week.
The new Diya aur Baati Hum Promo has got viewers stunned as Bhabho breaks one of the Matka (Pot). We hope our viewers know the Story of the 3 Matka’s if not here is a recap….The Matka’s are directly linked to Sandhya’s ambitions, her dream of becoming an IAS officer…..In order to pursue her career, Sandhya must take extra care to not commit any mistakes. One mistake leads to Breaking of One Matka…and if all 3 Matka’s are broken before the given Time Frame, Sandhya can bid adieu to her dreams……So the new promo shows Bhabho Breaking 1 Matka, which means Sandhya committing a mistake….
Why? Why did Bhabho take such a step?
What? What Did Sandhya do now?
The highlight of the promo is Sandhya’s unawareness of the wholething, she has no recollection of doing something wrong and questions Bhabho only to face the latters wrath. Sandhya is a fighter and we are sure that this time too it’s a Misunderstanding from Bhabho’s side, but how will Sandhya prove herself? Will Bhabho gracefully accept her mistake and will the Matka be replaced? Well the promo has surely got everybody intrigued. Tune into Star Plus’s Diya aur Baati Hum to know what lies ahead for Sandhya.

Qubool Hai:

QH1 Teen Ka Tadka: Top 3 Promos of the Week.
The new Promo of Qubool Hai finally finally set the game rolling and most of all has earned a sigh of relief from fans and viewers alike as we see a determined Zoya all set to Expose Tanveer aka the Cat-eyed woman.
Tanveer has painted a fake picture of herself before Asad and his family, and now with the recent happenings Tanveer has managed to take Asad in to confidence by faking before him that she is being attacked, she is being targeted…..Self inflicted knife attacks, getting, and now the possibility of somebody trying to kidnap…..Impressive!!! On the evening of a romantic date planned by Asad to tell Ms. Farookhi of his feelings, to confess his love Tanveer has once again landed on the spot, faking helplessness and fear on the pretense that somebody wanted to kidnap her.
Zoya has sensed that there is something wrong and fishy about Tanveer. Time and again Zoya has seen Tanveer’s stories, excuses etc contradicting one another. Appearance and disappearance of Phobia of doctors, Tanveer showing fear in Zoya’s presence etc are a few to be named. Zoya has a keen sense of observation, she does not forget things easily and Tanveer has given Zoya enough and more reasons to doubt her….According to the new promo Zoya has decided to dig deeper and find out the truth in Tanveer’s stories with a determined line “ Mujhe Tanveer Ka Sach Sabke Saamne Laana Hi Hoga”. Which implies that in the coming days we will be seeing Zoya her detective cap on, and like always Tanveer will be the one giving her a reason to do the same. The promo also reminded us of an earlier promo, which has close resemblance can anybody guess? It’s the one where Tanveer made her first appearance (Nisha Nagpal), where Asad and Zoya were shown sharing a close moment in the BG (Bole Na Halke) with Tanveer in the forefront which marked the beginning of Tanveer entering into the lives of Asad and Zoya with things getting worse between the duo. If back then Tanveer made it a point to come in between the two, now here is Zoya deciding to expose Tanveer.Here is wishing her all the Best and hope this will mark the start of Billo Rani aka Tanveer getting exposed. Tune into Star Zee TV’s Qubool Hai to know what lies ahead.

Bani- Ishq Da Kalma:

BANI Teen Ka Tadka: Top 3 Promos of the Week.
The latest promo of Bani-Ishq Da Kalma has left the viewers speechless. The promo shows Soham telling Bani that he too has decided to move ahead in life, to get married and that his Bhabhi has started looking out for prospective brides, leaving Bani Teary eyed.
On the other hand we see Rajji’s fiancé Amreek tell that he does not want to marry Rajji. The possible indication of things take a completely different route is crystal clear from the promo. Amreek’s proposal had initially come for Bani, but things took a turn when he asked for Rajji’s hand instead. Not only did it earn Desho’s anger, it lead to Desho pledging to get Bani married to a NRI in 15 Days, thus crushing Soham’s heart. Bani agreed to her mother’s wishes with a condition that the wars between their families ended…..Now with Amreek’s change of heart in not marrying Rajji, what effect will this have on the families? Will Bani go ahead with the alliance that came for her, or will she reject it thus giving Soham and her relation a new lifeline??? Only time will tell. Tune into Colors Bani-Ishq Da Kalma to know what lies ahead for Bani and Soham.
Author: Vijitha Rajan