maj 22, 2013

Saraswatichandra - 22nd May, 2013 - Written Update!!

The Episode starts with Kumari saying lets play Dandiya. Everyone are looking happy. Kumud looks at Saras. Kumari says we have to practice it. Saras says he does not know how to play dandiya. Sunny says even I don’t know, lets play, and don’t take tension. Sunny says you play so well that everyone wish to play with you. Sunny says she loves you, Saras says she loves me the most. He says I know Kumud. Radha comes and says Saras shall we play as a Jodi, Saras introduces Sunny to Radha. Lol..
Sunny is caught, Saras says enjoy and leaves. Kumud hears this and laughs. Saras come and sits near Kumud. She says Radha wanted to play with you, Saras says I want to play with you. Kumud teaches Saras Dandiya. Saras gets some tips from Kumud. Kumud is hurt, Saras asks is she hurt, she shows her hand, he says sorry and smiles. Kumud says lets try again, carefully. Kumud teaches him and they play well. Evefryone are seen playing Dandiya in the hall. Saras suddenly falls and Kumud laughs on him. Saras is shocked to see her laugh on his fall. Kumud says you won’t be able to play. Kumari says don’t tell like this, Saras will play better than you. Kumud plays with someone else, Saras looks at her, and feels bad. He stares at her, somewhat in anger. He is unable to concentrate and leaves.
Meanwhile, the women are doing the arrangements, Kumud’s mother says some work to Badimaa, she says I have done it. Badimaa is tensed, Kumud’s mother says they did not feel when their daughters have grown up. Kumud’s mother says we will always love them, but Kanyadaan is the biggest daan. If our daughters marry off, how will our house look.
Saras thinks about Kumud, and sees her with some guy. Kumud comes to him and says why are you not practicing, did you fall again. He says don’t joke on me, and you were practicing with that guy, she says its Raghav. We play since childhood. He says you should have taken care, your hair were flying on him. She says Raghav likes my style. He asks with whom are you playing tonight. Kumud says I will see, if you play well, then with you, else with Raghav.
Saras asks her to go down as he wants to be alone. She says you wanted to know whose name I will write on my mahendi, he says he does not want to listen. She says she was joking. He asks her to joke with Raghav. Kumud says I will not apply mahendi. He says he does not care. Kumud leaves. Saras thinks about what said before leaving and gets angry.
Ghuman comes to Kumud, and says everyone are dancing outside and you are sitting in your room sadly, why. Kumud says she has headache. Ghuman says I have some work, my almarah is not locking, if you don’t have any problem, can you keep this box. Just then Badimaa enters and says no. She says its a responsibility, Ghuman taunts her. Badimaa says you would have not told Laxminandan to give money to Vidyachatur. Badimaa says I will fix another lock for your almarah, but keep your jewellery with you. Ghuman leaves. Badimaa asks Kumud to come out, as there is aarti.
The girls are applying mahendi. Saras looks for Kumud, ans calls Kumari. He asks her where is Kumud. Kumari says she has not seen her. He thinks that Kumud told him she will not apply mahendi. Kumud is sitting upstairs, in a sad mood.
Saras comes upstairs and sees Kumud sitting alone. He says Kumud… She says don’t talk to me, else I will put Chilly in your eyes. He says ok, this is my punishment, its good if my eyes burn, then I won’t be able to see you with anyone else. She asks you felt jealous seeing me and Raghav together. She tells it means you don’t love me, you just want to have me.
He says only I have the right to feel you, your hairs.. should touch only my face..
Your eyes.. should have only me. only me..
She says enough… My breath takes only your name. He holds her hands, and she says do you still want to know whose name I will write in the mahendi.
Saras writes his name initial on her hand with the mahendi. Kumud sees it and smiles. He says you are mine Kumud, only mine. Kumud looks at him. They both smile. Kumud feels shy and gets up. He comes to her, and touches her hand. He makes her turn towards him. They both look at each other and smile. Music plays… Kumud runs away. Saras smiles. Kumud goes to her in-house mandir, and show the letter S to her Lord, Suddenly sindoor falls in her Maang, and she sees it and is more happy. She thinks about Saras’s words, that she is Saras’s.

Badimaa tells Vidyachatur that he has come out of the jail.