maj 21, 2013

Saraswatichandra - 21th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

The Episode starts with Badimaa thinking about her husband, she says what have you given me. She thinks Kumari was happy since morning and she made her cry. Badimaa comes to Kumari and calms her down. She says she should not have argued with her infront of everyone. Kumari says she does not have good bangles. Badimaa says she has called a bangle seller at home and she can buy as many as she wants. Badimaa says she will bear the pain but Kumari must be happy. She will fight with anyone, and not let Kumari go away from her. Kumari is happy seeing the bangles. The girls are seeing the bangles. Kumud coomes there. Saras and Sunny also come there. Saras looks at Kumud.
Sunny asks him to get started. They too join the girls. Saras tells Radha to wear blue bangles as it will suit her. He tries to make Kumud jealous, and flirts with Radha. Kumud does not look at them. Saras says I will take your photo and asks her to pose. He takes her pic in the phone. He asks Sunny what to do next. Saras looks at Kumud. Sunny gives some tips to Saras. (very funny)
Saras feels odd to make towards Radha and gets nervous. He asks her to wear the bangles and pose. He takes the photo. Kumud still has no effect. Radha says her mum told her she look like Laxmi devi, do you feel the same. Saras says yes, your mum says right. Saras tells Sunny your idea is wrong. Saras tells if Kumud loves me, she would have been jealous. Sunny asks him to work further.
Kusum calls Sunny and asks why Saras left angrily. Kusum says Saras was getting involved with Radha, and if Kumud sees this.. then.. Sunny says we were showing her. Kusum says she will not get its effect as she loves him from her heart. Sunny says we have to make another plan now. Kumari says Kumud didi will be annoyed first, then Saras will make her smile.
Scene shifts to Kumud:
Kumud is playing with water and flowers… Saras comes there and throws water on her. He asks her to shout. He says did you like me taking Radha’s photos. She says yes, Radha was happy. She asks why, he says if someone takes your photos, I will not bear it. He asks her were you not jealous. She says no. He asks why not, and throws water on her angrily. Kumud says because I love you. He asks then why are you not jealous. She says where there is trust, there is no jealousy, and where there is jealousy, there is no love. She says you don’t need to burn my heart to gain my love. She says you have seen me in every way, my love never decreased. Kumud smiles.
She says your image is not in water, its in my heart, which even I can’t fade out. Saras smiles listening all this. Kumud asks him to help her wear bangles. She gives her hand. He holds her hand and makes her wear the bangles. They look into each other’s eyes. (giving passionate looks). Saras touches the bangles, and kisses her hand. Kumud feels shy and turns. They both smile. She says today, you are looking very handsome (true). Saras smiles.
Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:
Vidyachatur and Laxminandan are having a good time thinking about their childhood.
The girls too are enjoying, applying mahendi to their hands. Kumud comes there. Kumari pulls Sejal’s leg. Kumud looks at Saras. Kusum says we will write your husband’s name in such a way that he will search the whole night. Kumari asks why do we write his name. Sunny says to tell that I m officially yours. Kumud gets some work and she leaves.
Kumud goes to her room to take something. Saras follows her and comes to her room and locks it from inside. Kumud asks him why he came here. She falls suddenly, and he holds her. (obvious scene)
They share a eyelock. (cute one) They both smile. Saras looks at her with so much deep love. Kumud says someone will come. Saras says let them come. She askls him to leave. He says I won’t be able to leave. She repeats and says go from here. He says even I said, I can’t leave. He goes closer to her, and she gets stuck to the mirror. Kumud says don’t see me like this and keeps her hand on his face. He moves her hand, and asks why? She says these eyes.. and smiles.. He says whose name you will write in your mahendi.
Kumud asks him to come and see when the mahendi is done. He says I m eager to see my name in your hands. She asks him why should I write your name. He says because I have written your name on my heart. Saras looks on… and kisses her hand, closing his eyes. Kumud feels… She turns and looks at him. They both get really close.
Ghuman asks Kumud to keep a box in her almarah. Badimaa says no. Ghuman looks at her.