maj 15, 2013

Saraswatichandra - 15th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

The Episode starts with Badimaa saying Kumud that it looks like your headache will not end soon. She says she will give the shirt to Saras. Kumari is talking to Umesh on phone, and he is trying hard to call Kumari to meet him. Umesh says he thinks her love is decreasing. She says its looks like Badimaa is doubting me. She says she will come, and asks about her father. Umesh signs his juniors to shout and they shout what happened to you Sir. Kumari gets worried.
Scene shifts to Vidyachatur and Laxminandan:
They are spending time with their childhood friend, and are having a great time together. Ghuman is there too, and is jealous. (As always. no other work to do)
Ghuman hears them talking. Vidyachatur says he will marry off Bittu from his house. Laxminandan says he will also make the arrangements. Their friend gets emotional.
Kumari goes in a hurry to meet Umesh, someone asks her where is going, She says she is going to bring something from the Karkhana. Umesh sees Kumari, and she too sees him in a good healthy condition.
Scene shifts to Saras:
He reads Kumud’s note saying what will happen with a sorry, I’m still annoyed. Saras smiles. He too writes another note.
Scene shifts to Ghuman:
She tells Laxminandan that Jayanti Bhai has taken your help with happiness, then what problem Vidyachatur has to take your help. He says you are right. She says why being late, we will talk to him now itself, our burden will be down. He says right, and he thanks her for such idea.
Ghuman says there will be a new issue in the house now and smiles.
Saras returns the shirt saying its not my shirt, maye its Yash’s shirt. He asks her to give it to Kumud. Badimaa says ok, I will give it to Kumud, is there anything else you want to give to Kumud, He says no. She says ok and leaves. Badimaa smiles. Saras smiles too.
Scene shifts to Umesh:
Umesh tells Kumari what would I have done, I pretended to meet you. Umesh gets filmy, and Kumari says you should be a hero in Mumbai. Kumari smiles. Umesh stares at her.
Scene shifts to Vidyachatur:
Laxminandan talks to him. Vidyachatur says what is this. Laxminandan says today we have helped Jayant, when I went abroad, you gave me money keeping the Haveli Girvi. And I know you did not regard it as debt. Laxminandan returns himthe money, to which Vidyachatur gets sad and overreacts. Vidyachatur asks what is this. He says this is your money. Ghuman says yes, your Haveli… Vidyachatur stands up and looks at Laxminandan.
Sceen shifts to Kumud:
She reads Saras’s note, saying I have to see your smile. She smiles. He writes, come up soon. Kumud goes to meet him upstairs.
Saras is waiting for her. Kumud comes and smiles standing at a distance. Saras looks at her smiling. He walks towards her. She too walks towards him. They hear their father’s fighting.
Vidyachatur shouts aloud on Laxminandan. They come in between Kumud and Saras, and everyone are shocked to see them arguing. Vidyachatur says why did you return money, you are bringing money in between our friendship and returns the money to Laxminandan.
Laxminandan says your are bringing friendship between money. Vidyachatur is hurt and says you are throwing money on me. Ghuman says what are you saying. Badimaa and Kumud’s mother are shocked.
Vidyachatur says you are rich man, but my house is my respect. Laxminandan says you are insulting my friendship. He says when did I say I need help. you are showing you are a rich man, but you fell in my eyes. Vidyachatur asks him to leave from his house. Vidyachatur pushes Laxminandan, and he is about to fall. Everyone are shocked. Saras holds him. Laxminandan also raises his voice and says even I can forget that you are my friend. Saras asks him to hold up himself.
Saras speaks on behalf of Laxminandan. Vidyachatur says he bought my house, and kept it Girvi, and now he is throwing money on me. Saras tells you are misunderstanding my father. Kumud comes infront and speaks on Vidyachatur’s behalf. They both get into an argument. (Really bad)
Kumud says Vidyachatur has earned a lot of respect and she will not let anyone ruin it. Saras shouts Kumud. Ghuman and Yash’s mother are very happy. Ghuman interferes and says against Kumud saying she does not respect Laxminandan. Saras tells he will not let anyone finger on my dad. Badimaa is shocked. He says I will reply to your insult. Kumud says my dad is also insulted and I will reply. Laxminandan and Vidyachatur asks them to go in. Everyone leave, and Ghuman is much happy that even their children got into the fight.
Kumud tells her mother that she will show him what insult is. Kumud’s mother asks her to control her anger. She says I did not want to come in between elders, but Saras has done wrong. Vidyachatur comes there, she asks him is he fine. He says I know you get hurt when I get hurt, so I came to explain you. She says I knew that I should have not spoken between you and Nandu kaka, and he was blaming you, if you had not stopped me, I would have given him a good answer. She says sorry to him and says you matters to me the most. She praises him. Badimaa comes there and sees this. Kumud cries. Vidyachatur says Saras could not see his father like that, so he spoke. Kumud does not understand and says no one has the right to insult you.
Saras tells Laxminandan that Vidyachatur has misunderstood your help and insulted you.
Kumud says you should not have talk to my dad like this