maj 24, 2013

Sana Khan is being framed, says her good friend Rajev Paul from the Bigg Boss house

Sana Khan
The TV and film industry woke up today morning to a rude shock as tabloids reported about Bigg Boss 6 (Colors) contestant Sana Khan being on the run due to her involvement in the case of kidnapping an under-aged girl. Sana happens to be Salman Khan’s co-starrer in the movie Mental.
As we know, Sana during her stay in the Bigg Boss house was very close to actor Rajev Paul. Hence we took the opportunity to talk to Rajev on whether he knows about Sana’s recent incident. Rajev however, rubbished the news and said, “This is all rubbish. She is a smart girl and would not do something like getting an under-aged girl kidnapped for marriage, especially when she is single.”
Rajev went on to state that he feels there should be some vested interest in putting Sana in the negative limelight. “Either this is a publicity stunt or some concerned parties want something out of Sana,” explained Rajev.
He further added that he stands by her. “Though we have not been in touch, I trust her fully. I am not the one to dump a friend who is in trouble.”
Ask him about the newspaper reports about her being on the run, he immediately said, “She must be in touch with her lawyers; I don’t want to comment on this.”
Aah, we appreciate your stand Rajev.
Imam Siddiqui, who was also a co contestant of Sana in Bigg Boss, shared on his Facebook page, “Deeply disturbed & extremely disappointed to hear about Bigg Boss co-contestant allegedly being involved with a kidnapping. Shame.”
Let’s see how the drama unfolds from here on…