maj 26, 2013

Rithvik Dhanjani's slam book!

Rithvik Dhanjani, currently seen playing the character of Arjun in Zee TV's Pavitra Rishta, spared time to answer our slam book questions...
Birthday: 5th November. 
Sun sign: Scorpion. 
Nickname: Sonu.
Hometown: Madhya pradesh but I have been living in Dubai from quite long. 
Describe yourself: I love to live life to the fullest and hate interfering. I believe in live and let live and I just love my self unconditionally.  
Strength: Learning capability and confidence. 
Weakness: My Mom and staying away from her. 
What can easily impress you:  A person who is witty, intelligent and talks sense.
You're crazy about: My work. 
Hobbies: A lot of them; dancing, playing musical instruments, hand tricks - I keep practicing them when ever i get some free time, love cricket and movies and I can't live without it.
A cloud 9 moment for you: It was at a press conference of Pavitra Rishta where in spite of Ekta ma'am being so busy and having lot of stuff going on in her mind as The Dirty picture was about to release but she completely remembered who I was and she complimented on me for my acting in Pyaar Ki Yeh Ek Kahani. I was on cloud 9 that moment. It was like the best day of my life.
Do you believe in destiny: Yeah I do but i believe in changing the destiny. 
Songs you are humming these days: Tum hi ho. 
Any TV show you follow: Game of thrones and I have always been a huge fan of How I met your mother. 
An unforgettable day of your life: First time when I went to Goa with my friends we went looking for haunted places so we ended up in tiny tiny roads. We were staying at Anjuna and when we entered the lanes it was complete darkness and we were on our scooties riding into the darkness. While on our way we heard a squeaking noise and the way  we ran back. We were shat bricks in our pants. Were so scared. Next morning we came back to check and found a tabela , a mini farm actually  which had many animals which was taken care by the a group of people. We started laughing our stomach out. 
Describe your daily routine in short: Currently I get up in the morning, go for shoot and whatever time I come back home, if time permits I hit the gym and then eat and sleep. If I get some more spare time then I watch movies. All this because of my strict schedule.  
What's your favorite passtime during free times on the sets: Playing my musical instruments and watch movies. 
Favorite hangout places in Mumbai: Candies is one of my favorite and then in town - pizza by the way .. comedy store. 
Craziest fan encounter so far: I would like to share some experiences which are really sweet and nice. I have some fans from Kolkata who come to meet me all the way from there and  apart from that a particular fan whose name I don't want to disclose, she was mad. I don't know from where she got my ID and phone no. She came to meet me and we clicked some pictures. Slowly, I started getting calls from unknown numbers and this kept on going on for while. Then when it was too much I said I will complain, she stopped. She would call me anytime in the middle of the night. I was little rude and then she stopped. 
The best compliment ever received: When my acting teacher - Abhijeet das (he basically never watches tv) when he was abroad  he was sitting with his close family members and they were watching my show, he happened to be sitting there along with them and he called me up saying, "There was a lot of matter and I wanted to see more of you in that scene." In the scene, it was me and Purvi (Asha Negi) but he said he could only see Arjun. He didn't see Rithvik  Acting but  he saw Arjun reacting. It was very natural. 
Your inspiration: My acting teacher Abhijeet Das. 
If Ginie asks three wishes from you then what would they be:   1. Please talk to God and ask him to grant all my wishes. 2. My Dad should retire and my Mom and Dad should be spending time together. Just be with each other. 3. Pending. I will keep it in my dues.  
You're incomplete without: Without my friends. 
Message to your fans: I can't thank you enough .. If u guys weren't watching me and loving .. if you are not there then I would have been nothing so please keep loving me and watching me and promise I will keep entertaining you all my life just the way I do.

Anwesha Kamal