maj 03, 2013

Qubool Hai…”2 Din mein 2 Sagai, yeh Khwaab hai ya Haqeeqat?”

Allah Miyaan what’s wrong with them……Sagai hui hai dono ki asli waali and they are hell bent on turning it into a Fake One??? Oh Really (Zoya Style), So Idea Chor Ahmed Khan that is the 12344556… give to Asad by Zoya in order to NOT accept that the Engagement was Real, 100% Real Asad “STEALS” Ooops “STRATEGIZES” a fake engagement till his Mom got better. The credit to the Idea goes to Zoya and it was cute to see her fight for that Credit….Typically Zoyalicious Scene. And what added effect to the whole AsYa bickering sequence was what followed. Zoya’s innocence, her pure heart and the will to help one and all is what makes her character all the more endearing, the innocence with which she asked Asad as to whether or not the ring suite her, and the way her face lit up when he said “That it suited her” was definitely a WOW moment.
The Zoya Bedroom Sequence where Ms. Farookhi was shown talking to herself on the happenings in her life was a slightly modified, female version of the Asad’s Bedroom Sequence. Back then Asad was finding it hard to believe that he actually got engaged (Airport Engagement) whcih was true, which was as genuine as possible for him though he kept calling it “FAKE” in front of others. Today Zoya and Asad once again derived at the conclusion that the engagement that just took place in front of Najma, Dilshaad and Tanveer was “FAKE” and in the Zoya’s bedroom sequence we see Zoya finding it hard to believe in in two days she got engaged 2 times. That she got engaged to Asad Ahmed Khan and that it felt true and wonderful.
Badi Bi…..Lagi Raho!!! Wow she challenged the unshakable Razia and saw to it that he challenge is completed. Now that truly was an achievement! It was shocking to see the ruthless, the manipulative Razia Bi dash towards the Kitchen and dish through the Waste Bin inorder to get hold of the Wig she had disposed earlier. What was interesting in the 10 Days challenge between Razia and Badi Bi was that Badi Bi is hell bent on making Razia’s life a Living Hell (If at all that’s possible) and does not stop there, the whole Wig exposing sequence was like an icing on the cake. There does remain a question ki how did Badi Bi get the hook in position in the first place. Ahhhh…Who cares anyway the sequence was a Killer, finally Razia Bi is also facing “FAILURE”, lets hope that in the upcoming episodes we get more than these Simple Tricks. Something that would shake Razia Bi to the core. Will the CV’s oblige???
Finally some movement in Tanveer’s story, something more than she trying to ruin AsYa’s relationship, create misunderstandings between AsYa and trying to Kill Zoya. So finally Tanveer has started showing symptoms of being pregnant, and lets hope that this is not just a small twirl in the story and that the CV’s will take up this track a little more strongly…CV’s ne aaj Shuruwat toh kar diya hai…The whole ruckus Tanveer created to avoid the Check-Up, the excuses she uses actually lands in her in a bigger mess. Thank God CV’s showed from Day 1 that Zoya is smart, intelligent and has a strong presence of mind….she recollects their Visit to the Clinic, reminds Tanveer of how calm and composed she was then, that doctors, medicines or the enviornment did not disturb her then which was a fairly recent incident that took place 2 weeks back. Tanver surely did not see this one coming and it looked like the cat had caught her tongue…..Well as per Asad’s character and concern towards Tanu, we should be seeing him actually asking Zoya to keep quiet and not question Tanu and disturb her, but it would be truly a refreshing change if Asad paid attention to Zoya’s words and questions Tanveer on the same.
The episode was interesting, it had a mixture of all the right elements in the right quantity and quality. But the question is in terms of story where is Qubool Hai actually headed to? There was a Gudiya Factory Ki Saazish, there was Zoya’s Mission “Find Abbu” etc which is no where to be seen…..Chalo atleast in the Find Abbu track Zoya’s search has come to a stand still because as of now Zoya believes that her Father is Dead. But where is the Gudiya Factory Ki Saazish track???? Kaafi dhamakedaar track thi, wonder why it’s still hanging in the air…As of now there is a 10 Day Challenge taking place on either sides, in either houses which is highly entertaining so ab ke liye looks like focus will be solely on these tracks. Lets wait and watch what awaits us in Zee Tv’s Qubool Hai produced by 4 Lions.
Author: Vijitha Rajan