maj 07, 2013

Qubool hai: Zoya sneaks a “needle full of blood” from Tanveer

Zoya takes blood
But surprisingly Zoya has managed to take out the blood and Tanveer sleeps on. I hope the medical fraternity makes use of the “Zoya talent” for painless pricks. Just as Zoya is leaving the room Tanveer wakes up and tells her that she felt a pin prick on her arm. Zoya covers up by sayin
g that mosquitoes are a menace in Bhopal and must have stung her on her arm. Zoya promises her that she will take care of them.
Razia scared stiff
Razia enters to see Humaira and Ammi in deep conversation giggling and laughing. At that moment Humaira looks up and walks menacingly towards Razia with her hand extended. It seems Humaira had seen something stuck to the side of Razia’s mouth and she wiped it away. Ammi’s threat that Humaira will slap Razia seems to have scared the latter stiff.
Seeing her trembling condition, Ammi tells Razia this is not the right time for her to get a slap from Humaira , and the right time would be to get her slapped in public, at dinnertime, where everyone can make fun of her.
In the evening as Razia walks in, Haseena Bi breaks into pools of laughter imagining her hair style and keeps peering closely to see if the frayed hair gets loose again. Razia remembers Ammi’s warning once again and a fear response runs up her spine.
Asad-Zoya’s engagement
Dilshaad on the other hand is giving a party for Asad and Zoya’s engagement and gets to reconnect with her old relatives.
As Zoya is getting dressed in her room, Dilshaad enters to tell her that she is the ideal choice as Asad’s wife and that she is thrilled about the relationship. Zoya tells her she cares and respects Dilshaad immensely and was always reminded of her mother whenever she was near Dilshaad.
Zoya tries to butt in and tell her about Asad’s feelings regarding the engagement but Dilshaad tells her that they are oblivious to their true feelings for each other , and she is experienced enough to realize their attachment and love. Dilshaad muses in her mind about her son’s stubbornness and Zoya’s innocence.
In a while Zoya walks in looking gorgeous, leaving Asad stunned and he remembers that she had asked for a gift from him. From afar, he smiles at her, as Najma comes and asks him to sit next to Zoya. Asad’s relatives come to bless the couple and are smitten by Zoya’s beauty and innocence.
All Asad’s people start to tease him about his “love” connection with "NRI" Zoya leaving him fidgeting uncomfortably. Tanveer comes over and hugs Asad as she congratulates the couple and promises to give them a gift to remember.