maj 10, 2013

Qubool Hai - Written Update - 10th May, 2013

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
By the time asad and zoya look at tanveer, she is all okay. She makes up an excuse about something getting in her eye. She is told by asad that she should come down for dinner. Zoya jokes to tanveer, about the one eyed girl that they are talking about. Tanveer is tensed.

Dilshad gives zoya the saree, and tells her to wear that particualr saree only, for the function, as it is asad’s choice, who kept in mind dilshad telling him once that zoya looks good in that colour. Zoya agrees. Asad, hearing from the outside, is happy at that. Dilshad notices this. (MITWA MOMENT)

As dilshad comes out along with others, she tells asad also to come along. However asad says that he wants to talk to zoya and would come later. Dilshad says that he doesnt need to bother as zoya liked the saree. Asad says that it doesnt make any difference to her. Dilshad teases asad about the sweetr smile that he had on his face, when zoya agreed to wear the saree(MITWA MOMENT). Asad goes to attend a call, to avoid the awkwardness. Meanwhile, after they are all gone, tanveer looks at the saree disgustingly, with an evil plan cropping in her mind. She mixes a solution and pours it on zoya’s saree, that soaks it up, and then folds it back, to make it look as if nothing happened.

As zoya comes in and finds tanveer smiling, she asks her what is she still doing here. She says that she had left her phone there, and leaves. Zoya looks at the saree, after tanveer is gone, and picking it up, keeps it in the almirah.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia isnt entertained by humaira, while going out to college. Razia reprimands humaira for this. Humaira says that she’s getting late. When razia knows that they are going to watch a film, she offers to go along with them. But humaira asks her not to make the effort, as she’s still angry for what she did, and if her wig fell off, then it would create a scene. Nikhat tells them that they just have fout tickets, and razia says that she can go as the fourth one along with the girl. But a stylish badi bi comes in and says that she is the fourth one, and not her. Razia is shcoked. She also is angry at humaira’s liking towards badi bi.

Badi bi tells razia that people are won over by love, and not conspiracy, which she applies on her daughter too. And if she cant be with her daughter, how will she win over ayan. Saying so, she leaves, along with girls, wearing their goggles.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya remembers asad’s and dilshad’s comments about the saree. She goes into daydreaming, a romantic scene along with asad, wearing the same saree. She is broken from the dream, by asad asking her what is she doing. Zoya is speechless, and instead asks what is he doing here without knocking. He says that he knocked but she didnt hear. She says that she was exercising and breaks into her poetry.

Bina oon ke sweater, koi bun nahi sakta…
Jo khoya ho exercise mein, woh kisi ki sun nahi sakta!!

She gives a logic about the same. Asad says that they should cancel tonight’s program. Zoya is sad. Asad says that dilshad is better now, and they should tell her the truth, sooner than leter. Zoya remembers her dream.(MITWA MOMENT) and goes sad. But sensing her mood, he says that if she doesnt want to say it to dilshad. Zoya solemnly says that she too wants to say it to her. Asad asks her to come along then. Zoya agrees and leaves with asad, that they would get married soon, if this continues. They are both mumbling through the words as noone really dislikes whats happening.

dilshad is busy with the preparations. She shows asad and zoya the arrangements. They are a little baffled. to see her too excited. asad says that they wanted to say, that if this doesnt happen today, dilshad asks then when. Zoya says that they should cancel today’s function. Dilshad feigns a headache and dizzy spell, scaring them. She says that she had a low pressure and nausea. She asks again why they want to cancel. Seeing her ill, they decide to go along with her flow, and they say that if this happens in the night, then they dont have a problem. She asks them to go and get ready. They leave, while dilshad is amused, saying that she knows why they came here, but she too is determined that she would make the marriage hapen. As she goes, tanveer thinks that she wont let this happen, as the entire bhopal would remember this function.

Nazma gets zoya ready for the function, addressing her as bhabhi, and zoya is sad at the game she and asad are playing with everyone’s emotions. Zoya, hearing about nazma’s inhibitions about her wearing the saree, says in a poetic manner.

Dhakke se nahi chalti hai, humari kismat ki gaadi,
kyun appko aisa lagta hai ki mujhpe nahi acchi lagegi yeh Saree.

She gets nazma out of the room, and then goes towards the saree. As she begins to dress up, she sees a big gaping hole in the saree. She remembers dilshad and asad’s words about the saree and wonders what would she do now. The screen freezes on her face.

Precap: Someone dashingly gets down the bike, and zoya walking past, falls into his lap accidentally. Zoya is shcoked and finally calls out “ROBERT” meaning its Ayan.