maj 04, 2013

Qubool hai: Sleuthing Zoya questions Tanveer’s panic attack!

Now what does Tanveer have to say about her “no- panic” attitude on seeing doctors at the hospital where she had gone to show her foot a few weeks ago. Zoya’s shackles are raised, people!

Tanveer manipulates Asad
As Zoya continues to ask Tanveer about her panic attack, Asad gets protective saying that Tanveer’s fear and panic on seeing doctors in the hospital must have been overridden because of her agonizing foot pain. Caught in a corner, Tanveer starts to cry loudly trying to convince her “Jammy” that she is innocent and the doctors do scare her. Smitten by his childhood friendship with Tanveer, Asad runs down Zoya’s logic and observations and insults her.
Asad tells Zoya not to interfere in everything and leave Tanveer alone prompting Zoya to tell him that they have gone through a “democratic engagement” and she will speak whenever she wants. Zoya and Asad continue their erratic bickering at the top of their voices and seeing them this way Dilshaad gets sentimental.
Asad and Zoya
Dilshaad tells Asad that it’s time to call Zoya’s relatives and inform them of the engagement. Asad tells his mother that this task should be left to Zoya. He asks Zoya to lie to her relatives about the engagement, as it is not a real relationship. Now that’s surprising Mr. Stress Ahmed Khan, we thought you never lied? Where are your principals today? Zoya catches the “prim proper and straight” Asad on the wrong foot and makes great fun of his “no lies attitude.”
Asad tells Zoya that he is going through the “formal engagement’ only because of his mother’s illness and that the moment Dilshaad recovers, he will blurt out the truth.
At that moment Najma comes and tells Zoya that the doctor has advised a blood test, for Tanveer right away. Adventurous to the core Zoya decides to get Tanveer’s blood sample without her knowing about the test. Well, Ms Farooqui, this sure sounds very interesting!
Humaira yells Razia
Humaira comes and tells Razia to stay away from wearing a wig if she doesn’t know how to wear one and scolds her about her carelessness with the “flour paste”. The incident had resulted in the chopping of her hair and soon everyone will scoff at her because of her weird frayed hair. As soon as Humaira leaves, Ammi tells Razia that this is just the beginning and within 10 days she will be shunted out of her own house by her daughter, Humaira.
Razia gets a rude shock as wakes up to see a hale and hearty Ammi sitting next to her bed. After all she had tried to kill Ammi the night before by tampering with Ammi’s medication.
Ammi had seen Razia malicious fiddling with her medicine and had thrown the glassful away. Ammi tells her that she won’t allow Razia to die so easily, and will take her revenge slowly. Ammi promises Razia that her own daughter will slap the daylights out of her by evening.