maj 17, 2013

Qubool Hai: “Kya Asad ne kaha Qubool Hai???”

QH Qubool Hai: Kya Asad ne kaha Qubool Hai???

Go Zoya Go…..The way she was bit by the jealousy bug and the way she kept shooting him down with her eye glances were totally paisa vasool. Jahan pyaar ho, waha thodi bohat jealousy toh dikhani padthi hai, and On screen par toh yeh chalta hai, but what made the scene stand out was the hilarious treatment given to it something which the 4 Lions are really good at apart from making classic love sagas. Even in yesterday’s episode the moment Zoya sees Asad side hug Tanveer (For support) she does not look at him, but instead looks at where his hands were placed and Voila Asad gets the message it was like she was shooting fire through her eyes because that’s the way Asad reacted after realizing where Zoya’s eyes were fixated on. Dilshaad calling Tanveer for help does not go down well with Zoya and she fumes with jealousy and even makes it clear that this entire “TANU” chant was affecting her though she kept denying it. Zoya is not the one to keep quiet, she never has been and yet again blurts out that why not ask Tanu which color would suit Asad, as he likes Tanveer’s taste since the two are childhood friend.
We still don’t understand why Asad and Zoya wouldn’t admit to having feelings for each other YET, but it was refreshing to see a smiling Asad enjoying the fact that Zoya was jealous, jealous of Tanveer. We never thought Asad would ask Zoya if she was jealous. It was not very surprising because in the past few episodes one would have very well noticed Asad trying to know what lay within Zoya’s heart. But here once again Asad get a negative answer from Zoya, but he somehow knew that she was faking it because with every word Zoya said in negative, her body language her eyes were screaming out loud “Yes I am jealous, Stay away from Tanu” which is perhaps the reason that Asad’s lips always broke into a smile.
Qubool Hai1 Qubool Hai: Kya Asad ne kaha Qubool Hai???
Seeing Badi Bi careful and attentive was truly a relief. Razia once again succeeds in tricking or manipulates Ayaan into signing a document without allowing him to properly go through it, only this time it was “Certificate of Marriage”. Badi Bi notices the left over ink mark of the thumb impression on Ayaan and Humeria’s thumb and she gets a hint that something somewhere went wrong….While Razia did succeed in her mission, we feel that Badi Bi will double cross her. After all she is a lady on a mission.
The highlight of the episode however was the Asad-Ayaan scene. See the brother bonding after what seems like ages was truly amazing. The Ayan-Asad bonding, their chemistry was and is one of the star attractions of the show……Rishabh Sinha and Karan Singh Grover gave some amazing sequences, some memorable performance as Ayaan and Asad, with Rishabh leaving the show and with NEWS OF Vikrant Massey entering as the new Ayaan it did make one wonder as to how the Chemistry of the brothers, as to how the bonding of these brothers will come out? But when it comes to casting 4 Lions have always been bang on!!! They have chosen the perfect face to play Ayaan and moreover Karan and Vikrant did look convincing as brother’s big time.
After Vikrant’s entry in the show as Ayaan, his first encounter was with Zoya, and after their conversation Ayaan was under the impression that Zoya and Asad were getting married not because they loved each other but because it would make their loved ones happy, but today he learns a new thing, he comes to know that his brother was actually in love with Zoya, that the feelings he had were true and 100% genuine. The contrast was nicely shown while Ayan was confessing that he felt nothing for Humeira, Asad who never admits to him actually having feelings for Zoya admits to it.
The precap sure looks interesting with Zeenat aapi making a comeback. Wonder what Asad will say to Aapi when she questions Asad about the marriage and all that was happening between Asad and Zoya? Will Zoya who admitted to all this being fake and nothing more than a drama to her sister on being question be in for a surprise? Will Asad admit to all being true and real for him??? Only time will tell!!!!
Author: Vijitha Rajan