maj 22, 2013

Qubool Hai: Disappointment for viewers, Asad-Zoya love on hold!

Qubool Hai: Disappointment for viewers, Asad-Zoya love on hold!Mumbai: Popular show Qubool Hai has disappointed the viewers as Asad-Zoya are again back to the beginning, courtesy goes to Billi as Tanveer's insufferable behavior puts their love on hold.
When Mr. Khan was all about to say those precocious words to the chatter box Zoya which took almost the whole episode but Billo Rani could not wait and burst into fire. In attempt to stop Asad from Zoya, she sets her dupatta on fire and he couldn't complete his words.

Now it's time for Zoya to go red as Mr. Six Pack douse the fire, as usual consoles Tanu and Billi grins at Miss Farooqui. All the attempts whatever Tanu is taking to separate them it strikes our mind that if she really loves Asad?

In next episode Zoya will overhear Billo Rani telling doctor that she had applied anti-burn gel before fire incident, and this shows that she is not actually in love with Jammy. Sometimes it also mislead us as Asad is equally concern for Tanu as he is for Zoya. We wonder if Mr. Khan wants Dono Hathon me laddoo

Now let's see will Tanveer get success in her plans or Mr. Khan will propose Zoya.