maj 02, 2013

Qubool Hai-Asad's life partner finalised finally

Qubool Hai-Asad's life partner finalised finally

Mumbai: Fans are waiting to see Asad's engagement in Qubool Hai, but no one knows who is the girl, Zoya or Tanveer. Yes the daily soap is still going with a suspense that who would be Asad's Shareek-e-hayaat (Life partner).

Asad's mother Dilshaad has finalized the girl for him. Dilshaad says to Asad that the she has chosen a girl who is very close to him and there is no question to say no.

Mr Asad now fans want you to confess your love whether it is Zoya, Tanveer. The ball is now in your court and dilly-dallying needs to come up with a solution. After fans too have a limit of patience.

Here Asad comes to Zoya to have a word with her to clear out some previous conversation, Zoya apologizes for all her childish behavior and pranks she did at the function.

Zoya says Mr. Khan that it is all clear to her that he don't feel for her. Zoya tries to remove the ring from her figure to return back. The refuses to come out, Asad tries to stop her but she continues with her efforts. Asad who always calls her Miss. Farooqui keeps on trying to stop and suddenly a loving 'Zoya slips from her mouth, hmmm,,, how romantic.

Before anything could have happened, lady vamp Billo Rani enters and remove the ring from her figure.