maj 07, 2013

Qubool Hai - 7th May, 2013 - Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s residence
Dilshad gives jewellery to zoya and hr blessings, meanwhile telling her about asad’s childhood. She also says that these gifts wont matter to her once she gets asad’s gift. She calls out to asad, who hearing her talking about him and zoya, tries to avert talking to her. But dilshad catches up with him, and asks him to give the gift to zoya. He says that he is hesitating to do it in front of people. Dilshad misconstrues it saying that she understands that he wants to do it alone. Asad is all the more frustrated and leaves from there, and dilshad is amused. read full updates daily with pics only at When dilshad catches up with asad again, he says that he has other important works, other than giving gift, and instead he has to go to collect the reports of tanveer’s blood samples. He leaves, after dilshad gets a promise from him that once he comes back, he woud give his gift to zoya. As asad leaves, tanveer smirks thinking, that now even she would wait desperately for the test results.

After asad is gone, They are all telling zoya tales of their family. Meanwhile a car horn gets their attenion that asad has come. Nazma tells dilshad in front of zoya, that they would hide in the closet, and hear asad expressing his feelings in front of zoya, and romancing with her, as they would witness it for the first time. The hide behindthe curtains whie she watches asad coming towards her.

Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While razia and everyone else are chatting, badi bi gives razia a paan, to eat, which she does unconsciously. But badi bi tells her that its laced with poison, but just in the amount that it would slow down her heartbeat for some time, and wont kil her. Razia is upset and tensed, but before she can do anything, she goes into unconscious state, shocking everyone, whie amusing badi bi. While all are very scared and upset, badi bi tells them hat she shouldnt go unconscious, at any cost, and that she has to hit razia, to keep her awake. Humaira finally, after much hesitation does it. She begins to incoherently slap razia, much to everyone’s discomfort. Finally, razia starts gaping for breath, and badi bi is amused at her plan being a success.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad enters with the reports and gives it to her. Asad reprimands her for getting blood samples mixed, as its not of tanveer but some animal. Zoya is confused and tries to give some clarifications, but asad doesnt hear anything. Asad says that it doesnt matter if it isnt inetntional, what matters is that she’s irresponsible. Zoya tries to defend herself. But asad reminds her the various number of times, when her plans had landed her and their family into trouble. Dilhad comes out and too favours for zoya. Asad is surprised to see them. Asad says that if she didnt, then who did. Nazma too tries to tell that it wasnt zoya. But asad says that it was only because of zoya. Tanveer pretentiously comes to zoya’s defence, and asks him not o get angry on zoya, not today atleast. And says that she would even be willing to go to the doctor’s if that is whats wanted of her, to preserve their relationship, as they should not start their new life, like this. Tanveer says that once there is a strain, it can never be easened in a relationship. Asad says that this she understands, but not al, and aiming at zoya, says that she wont ever understand the magnitude of reationships and for them everything is a joke, even a relationship. The screenfreezes on zoya’s hurt face.

Precap: Zoya confronts asad saying that she was right in saying that she didnt do any mistake in getting tanveer’s blood samples. She says that he also has a proof for hat. she shows him some photos. tanveer is very tensed. Asad ooks at tanveer, with a surprised look in his eyes.