maj 02, 2013

Qubool Hai 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Scene 1:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Razia is dismayed at the condition of her haair, and is reminded of the wig that she had been given by badi bi. She looks around for the wig, in the dustbin, when badi bi comes in front her, dangling the dust clad wig in front of her. While razia wants the wig, badi bi tries to torture her, saying that she wont give it to her, and make fun of heer in front of haseena, and takes pleasure in seeing razia’s torment. badi bi asks haseena to come to them. Razia begs on badi bi’s feet, and asks her to give the wig to her. Badi bi puts the wig on razia. Haseena, when she sees razia like this, is shocked, and asks what happened to her. razia is speechless.

Shirin attends to haseena and her sister. Haseena remembers what she saw in the kitchen and the dishevelled razia. Haseena asks if razia isnt feeling well. But shirin says that she would soon come down. Haseena’s sister congratulates her for the good and mannered daughter in law that she’s getting. haseena too praises her daughter in law, nikhat, again hinting at her complexion.

Razia, in the meanwhile is arranging her hair, unaware that badi bi, has pulled a string along with her, and has drwan it long enough just to lead her to the staircase, from where she would have to descend to meet the guests. Badi bi remembers how she had been mocked by razia, in nikhat’s engagement, and thinks that now she would repay her back. Razia progreeses down the stairs, towards the guests. As badi bi pulls the string, the wig falls off, and razia stands sans the long mane of hers. All are shocked while badi bi is highly amused. Razia is mortified. Haseena and her sister make fun of her, and leave. Shirin asks her to go to the beauty parlour, if she had to go for a haircut, and not save money onthat. Badi bi too joins in the fun, saying that she knows that this is in fashion.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya mocks asad for having put the ring, after he said he wont. Asad said that eh did so just for the sake of dilshad. zoya accuses him of stealing her ideas. She goes into her impromptu poetry:

Pehle toh bade bade lecture deke muhje kiya bore,
Ab mere his ideas chura rahe hai Mr. Chor

Asad vehemently denies her claim. She tells him to let go and asks if the ring is suiting her.(MITWA MOMENT). He hesitatingly says yes, and looks away, and zoya is happy and amused.

In her room, zoya thinks of asad’s statements in his relative’s wedding, and the way he hugged her, in the bathroom, after saving her. she looks at the ring and thinks that she always thought, she would marry on hr terms, but this engagement wasnt her descision, but destiny’s. She thinks that she doesnt feel it wrong, maybe because destiny did what she actually wanted, or because its Asad, and wodners waht kind of a connection it is, and an undescribable feeling, and remembers her past experiences with him. Just then asad calls out. zoya thinks that she’s nuts, that he’s been seen by her, even in dreams. She asks him to go away. Asad asks her to come down for dinner, as its prepared. Zoya is startled at seeing asad actually in front of her.

Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence and the doctor’s clinic.
The doctor calls up tanveer, telling her that she needs to come to her, for her checkup and other info. she tells that she would go when she’s free. When she cancels the phone, she thinks that she’s very concerned for her child, and hence is desperately looking ou for a way to give her a decent name, if not for zoya. When they come to the dinner table, nazma asks zoya to sit next to asad, so that they can see each other, and asks tanveer to come sit with her instead. Asad and zoya are both embarassed. Tanveer has a dizzy and nauseous spell. Asad asks why isnt she eating anything. But she denies saying that she would have the vegetables. Both zoya and asad cross hands, while giving it to tanveer, and shyly take their hands away. Nazma tells them that dilshad’s condition is better now after they got engaged. Tanveer says that she isnt feeling hungry, but asad asks nazma to give food to tanveer. When tanveer is forced to eat, she has a nauseaous spell, and runs to the bathroom.

Zoya goes after tanveer, to check on her. She goes into her room, but doesnt find her anywhere. She enters the bathroom, and finds heer lying unconscious. She shouts for asad, and they rush, hearing zoya’s voice. Both zoya and asad ask tanveer, lying on the bed, as to why they werent told about her condition. Zoya says that she hopes whoever is repsonsible for this, would know. Tanveer is scared thinking, that it feels like they know that she’s pregnant. But zoya relieves her saying that had she told, they wouldnt have made fish fry. But asad says that its not for the fish, but for the stress that she’s taking. Asad shocks tanveer when he says that he has called for the doctor to come and check up on her and tell whats wrong with her. Tanveer thinks that she would have to do something to prevent the doctor from knowing. As the doctor approaches her, she pretends to shout loudly, leading them to think that she’s had an anxietyattack, and the doctor decides to come later. Tanveer, thinks that somehow she is saved from the trouble, when lying in asad’s arms. Asad asks what happened to her. Tanveer concocts up a story, of how her mother died due to a wrong diagnosis, and since then, she’s always scared of doctors. Zoya reminds her how she had not reacted like this, when she had gone to get the swelling in her ankle treated. and she had easily gotten her check up done, and not made a fuss then. The screen freezes on tanveer’s speechless face.
Precap: Dilshad says that zoya feels so own to her, that she fels like she already has a right on her, and hence didnt ask for her or her sister and brother in law’s permission, for the engagement. she says that she thinks that now she should talk to them. Asad is vry upset and tensed. Razia mixes something in badi bi’s drinks. when she drinks it, raazia smilingly bids goodbye to her from a distance.