maj 15, 2013

Qubool Hai - 15th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Location: Asad’s residence
Tanveer progresses to stab zoya, with the knife in her hand. But before she can, the lights switch back on. Nazma too comes, and tanveer ducks, and nazma takes zoya inside, while zoya asks if she found tanveer. Tanveer is disgusted at her plan having failed.
All are upset that tanveer cant be seen any where, while tanveer still with the knife in her hand, is about to throw it at zoya, when her phone rings by asad calling. They are all shocked when the look at tanveer’s direction. Asad, nazma and dilshad are shocked to find tanveer, smeared in blood. Asad hurriedly rushes to catch her, who falls into his arms, while they are all stunned to disbelief.
Asad suggests to call for the doctor, but nazma reminds her phobia, and they all agree that it weont be a good idea. Dilshad says that its not a deep wound, and she would be alright soon, by her ayurvedic medicine. as zoya and dilshad go towards the kitchen, Zoya asks dilshad, how did these wounds happen. Dilshad suggests that it might be that she slipped. But zoya says that they dont look so, and in fact, it feels as if someone stabbed her. they are all confused.
As tanveer tries to get up, asad asks her not to. But tanveer holds his hand, and gets up somehow, deliberately getting intimate in the course of it, and hugs him tight, happy that her plan is working. Asad tries to ask tanveer, what is the reason of her tension and worries, and how did this happen. But tanveer fakes a nervous attack, and says that she fell on the ground. Asad says that they both know that she’s lying. But tanveer is unwilling to accept it. As lightning strikes, she gets another chance to hug him tight, while asad is slightly at discomfort. He asks her why is she so scared. She says that she doesnt want to talk about it. he asks if someone has done anything wrong with her. She asks her not to force her to recall her past. Asad asks if she cant even share it with him. She replies in negative, and hugs her tight. Asad says that they would talk only when she is at comfort talking to him about it. Just then zoya comes in and sees them hugging, and turns around awkwardly. Tanveer smirks at zoya’s displeasure, thinking that her plan is working, by winning asad’s sympathy, and throw zoya out of his heart, and zoya can prepare all that she wants for the marriage, asad would be hers only in the end.
Scene 2:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Badi bi finds shirin working in her room. when she leaves, badi bi comes in the room, and finds that shirin is secretly preparing for ayan and humaira’s engagement, with heavy bridal clothes and jewellery. She understands that a secret marriage is being planned, and she would have to stop it. She leaves. Razia says that this time she wont be able to do anything, and even if she gets to know, it would be too late before she can do anything.
Ayan asks razia why did mamu buy this plot. Razia says that they did it for all the kids, and only their signatures were left, hence asked her to get it done, as mamu is very insistent about the deal, and him and rashid both being busy, she was left to do this work for them. Humaira says that she’s signed the papers. Razia asks her to give a finger print too, surprising her, but razia clarifies that its requierd for documentation requirements. after she’s done, razioa asks ayan to do the same too. but Ayan says that he wants to read the documents first. razia is reminded how she planned to get the signs of ayan and humaira on the certificates of marriage registration, amongst other property papers. She is scared as ayan begins to go through the documents scrutinising them. she is in a fix what to do. she finds the mobile lying there, and dials ayan’s number, and keeps back the mobile. Razia fakes a call from mamu, and expresses urgency in her tone, when she pretends to talk to mamu, that the deal might be cancelled, if there’s a delay, as the opther party is waiting. She goes on to coax him into signing and giving thumb print, without going through the documents. After her work is done, she is relieved at her victory.
Scene 3:
Location: Asad’s residence
Zoya is upset that she’s so botherred and affected by tanveer hugging asad, when it might just have been a friendly cuddle. she starts working on the laptop, and finds their engagement photo, on the airport, uploaded on facebook. She is shocked. nazma is super excited at this. Zoya says that even asad didnt know that they were being clicked, and the photos have reached them too. Nazma goes onto take her i-pad to see other photos. Zoya finds tanveer coming out, taking asad’s support, and is upset again. Nazma shows him also the photos. Zoya asks tanveer how is she feeling now. Tanveer says that she’s feeling much better. Zoya is very upset seeing them together like that. Seeing zoya staring at the way, asad was holding tanveer, he jerks his hand away, and tanveer too is very surprised. nazma is super excited about these pictures, that they finally got to see how they initially got engaged, as they reflect how much they love each other, and telling it to everyone in the world. Asad and zoya are at discomfort, having been embarassed. (MITWA MOMENT)Tanveer concocts up an evil plan that they might get happy and everything, but she knows who she has to show this picture to.
Scene 4:
Location: USA
Zoya’s sister is shocked to see this picture in USA. she goes on to find more info regardding the same. She is very shocked that zoya didnt even bother to inform them about her engagement. The screen freezes on her surprised face.
Precap: As dilshad is taking measurements for asad.s suit, she asks tanveer to help her with it. Tanveer is happy, at zoya’s discomfort with her proximity with tanveer. When zoya asks asad which colour would suit asad, she asks dilshad to ask tanveer only, as she knows best what asad likes or doesnt, as they are childhood friends. Dilshad and asad are at a a loss to say anything in reply to that, sensing zoya upset.