maj 16, 2013

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.. - 16th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

So guys I hope all of u liked yesterdays episode of pyaar ka dard coz there were no idiots like sheela manan rubel n latika
So todays episode of nakuul n disha starts with ………….
Serial continues from yesterday where adi gets pankhus call but he cuts it arrogantly n he tells everyone to dont jst praise pankhu she made a mistake n should have explained me n finally he says dad she is my pankhu she cannot make a mistake n he asks forgiveness frm all
Avantu says adi u insulted my daughter in law never ever make fun of her n harish says adi ur really a dramebaaz
Adi says I will talk with pankhu face to face n he blushes ( hai hai romeo so cute……..) dadaji gets a call n he tells it is pankhu n pankhu says pranam dadaji n asks if adi has told something for which dadaji says no
Govardhan says to his wife that sheela purposly made us stay in d mansion as guests n wanna reveal pankhus truth infront of adi n all n wanna break their relation
Avantu n harish have a cute time
Pankhu is severly missing adi ( dee jeeju aajayengey yar chillax)
Avantu reveals kairas truth infront of harish that kayra is being fooled
Pankhu n adi r talking through telepathy I mean by heart …….both r really missing each other
Both call each other at same time it no. is busy ……..n suddenly adi calls her n she pics the call n adi jokingly says I called u by mistake pankhu is heart broken( adi hw much u will irritate her.)
Manan is creeping lyk a thief n pankhu asks him wat r u doing so late @ night he pretends as if he is talking on moby…….n leaves pankhu pics a mobile pouch/ cover n says to herself I think itz manan jis pouch……
Pankhu comes to return manans mobile cover n suddenly Pankhu notices manans moby n sees his moby pouch n thinks if he has the pouch then whose pouch is this may be the person to whome he was talking was present here itself……she gets a doubt on him n wonders who the person may be……
Next day sheela asks pankhu what should we do to get rid of manan but pankhu remains silent
Harish’s home
Hartika talk abt paya that both r made for each other but yet they have miss undetstandings……..
Next day kayra rejects to wear a saree n manan enters n says u loom good in saree…..pankhu puntures his tire by saying mananji if u love indian culture u mst go to a exhibition hear …..sheela joins pankhu n says that manan infact u should go today…..n even kayra says yes to it ……manan says to kayra hw can I go today coz today people r cming to see u naa….kayra looks @ him in a worried mood ……
kayra says no manan u should go coz ur research is important than me manan agrees to it un willingly………… Sheela is relieved that manan wont be there……Sheela the idiot says to pankhu to give a box of some expensive mangoes to kairas in laws by visiting their house…..n sheela taunts latika …..n epi ends

Precap……kairas in laws asks her to answer if she takes drugs or not……all r super shocked (i think manan informed them)…….