maj 15, 2013

Pyaar Ka Dard Hai.. - 15th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

N here we go the episode starts with dadaji cutting the cake n all sing happy bday song in kullu all r very happy n dadaji feeds first piece of cake to adi but accidently he drops which falls on his own feet adi respectfully cleans his shoe n takes his blessings
adi n pankhu moment……both r missing each other n a sad bg plays
harish n adi have a chat that why pankhu dinn come n adi tells its better u ask avantika
namans dad scolds neha infront of all n dadaji asks watz the matter n namans dad tells everything to them all guptas r shell shocked…..n govardhan tells to stop it n tells neha is very innocent n govardhan asks explanation frm naman for which naman says n neha tells we shouldnt stay away frm our parents but naman is in no mood to listen
our cutee boy adi tells naman that i was also like u who cpuldnt find happiness in living together but now i have realized wat is the importance of family……but naman retaliates back saying u donn cm btwn my decision …..adi says stop it n once think about your dad n mom how will they feel if u go away
further adi says think by ur heart for which naman asks forgiveness frm his dad n all ….all r happy n clap loudly…..n says neha was correct n i was wrong……all praise adi n tell that ur parents mst be proud of u
avantu says im proud of u adi but pankhu is also not wrong in her way of thinking she did wat ever was gud for our family …..adi says stop it mom……but avantu tells all mst know watz the problem btwn u n pankhu…..she tells everything to the guptas
govardhan tells it means when we visited d mansion pankhu was there as a care taker but avantu tells that i was also feeling wrong abt pankhus decision but i stood beside her n supported her decision naa…..why u dont ?…….(mansi salvi was awesome in her part ) . Adi tells why all my family members r hurting me why we should interfere btwn rubel n latikas life for which avantika tells if it is so why u interfered btwn naman n meghas life adi is speechless……avantu tells u supported neha coz u care for them…this is how pankhu also supported us n our family
harish tells that adi u also work diwan group why cant she……..adi tells why should pankhu lie with us
avantu tells all r liers here ( avantu im not a lier ) u also hid a big think that u took lone frm rubel for harishz treatment……..adi says yes to it .
dadaji tells to adi not to misunderstand pankhu the fault is with me n my teachings n sanskars have made her like that…..adi is thinking…..
Dadaji gets pankhus call she is very sad n dadaji gives his moby to adi
Episode ends on adiz angry face..
Precap…..pankhu wishes a happy bday to dadaji n asks him if adi said anything to him there dadaji is a bit amused ( n my wu ends here bye…n gd 9t )