maj 08, 2013

Punar Vivah's Vamp Ishita worry for her reality to get disclosed

Punar VivahIshita played her game to separate Aayu from Aarti and creating misunderstandings between Paridhi and Aarti (Kratika Senger) in Punar Vivah on Zee TV.
But it’s time that Ishita’s aunt checks her steps which can get her into problem as well.
In the previous episodes of Punar Vivah, Ishita notices Aayu spending too much time with Aarti and fears that Aarti and Yash may not get back their child whom Ishita cleverly separated from them. Ishita thereby warn Paridhi that the baby will look at Aarti and not Paridhi as his mother.
In the upcoming episode, Buaji will warn Ishita to be careful as she should not come in eyes of anyone. Also Buaji will make Ishita understand that Yash is her brother in law and Ishita should not try to come in between Yash and Aarti.
Will Ishita understand or continue to be vamp?