maj 12, 2013

Mother’s Day: Meet some hit mother-daughter pairs on small screen

On screen, they're mum and daughter. But off it, they're agony aunts, confidantes, friends and comrades. Meet some hit Ma-Beti pairs on telly. A TOI Mother's Day special
Mother’s Day: Meet some hit mother-daughter pairs on small screen
Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke
Though Vaishnavi McDonald (Shail) plays a mother to Mahima Makwana (Rachna) on screen, they are closer off air. "Mahima confides in me as much as she confides in her mom. And she always listens to my advice. I have a 10-year-old daughter in real life, but now I feel I have two daughters. They are also very similar in their food habits," says Vaishnavi. Mahima too feels Vaishnavi is like her mom. "She has this steamer cooker in her room on the sets, where she makes rice, while I get non-veg food from home. So we share lunch together. Whenever she gets her daughter on the sets, I tease her, saying she is more of my mom than hers," Mahima winks.
Parvarrish — Kuchh Khattee Kuchh Meethi
It's a 'mother-daughter' friendship built on lots of chher-khani. "I would keep teasing her for talking on the phone all the time. The Ahuja family of Parvarrish, (Me, Vishal Singh and the three kids), often go to a burger joint. Now that I am pregnant, Aanchal calms me down whenever I get agitated," laughs Rupali aka Pinky. As for Aanchal (Raavi), she confides that even off the sets, she calls her on-screen parents mummy-papa. "And now that mummy is preggers, I have to make sure that papa only smokes outside the sets. I also have to stop my on-screen brother, Sunny, from running around her," she says.
Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2
Jayshree Venkatraman, or Navika, takes her screen mom Aakanksha Singh (Megha) to scary movies late at night, even though she crouches in her own seat! The caring 'mom', who is just two years older than Jayshree, always gives her a share of her favourite mango shake on the sets. "Akku and I go shopping together, even though our sensibilities differ when it comes to clothes. While I prefer loud clothes, she prefers subtle ones. So she never takes my opinion but I always end up taking hers. I also steal her tiffin and eat it," says Jayshree, adding that Aakanksha is like family to her. As for the screen mom: "Whenever she is around, my maternal instincts take over. I think it is but natural considering the time I spend with her."
Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai
Have you seen a daughter having a major hand in getting her mother married? Well, this is what exactly happened on the sets of YRKKH! Hina Khan, who plays Akshara, was cupid for her on-screen parents Lataa Sabharwal and Sanjeev Seth. "Coincidentally, I and Hina hit it off from the very first day. She was instrumental in getting me and my husband together. Now that I am on maternity leave, she keeps asking about my health," says Lataa aka Rajshree. As for Hina: "We shared lots of secrets. I knew that Sanjeev liked Lataa and became their messenger. Now that she is on leave I really miss her. The set looks empty without her."
Madhubala — Ek Ishq Ek Junoon
Drashti Dhami — the eponymous Madhubala — might be an introvert in real life, but she lets go of her inhibitions and comes into her own in the company of her on-screen mother Pallavi Purohit (Padmini). "As soon as the shot is over, Drashti comes and spoils my hairdo. Now I have started missing that on the days she is absent from the shoot. Sometimes I wish I was RK and she was Madhu," says Pallavi in mock anger. Drashti, in turn, adds that among all her co-stars, she is the closest to Padmini. "She's the biggest prankster on the sets. I love being with her. Even if we are going for an event, we make sure we get seats side by side."
Saathiya Saath Nibhana
Rucha Hasabnis and Vandana Vithlani are just the same on screen as well as off it. "Rucha, or Rashi, is like my younger version. We eat together and even share our problems with each other," says Vandana, who plays Urmila. Rucha, for her part, says, "I and Vandu share the same sunsign, so we are very similar. You can always see us chatting on the sets. Like in the show, I tell her every single thing about me. I am not a fan of rice, but since the time she started getting masala rice, I eat up all her tiffin," laughs the small-screen Rashi, adding that she sometimes feels she has two moms.
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