maj 11, 2013

Madhubala:EIEJ “Treat me like a Game adn I’ll show you how it’s played: Madhubala Malik”

521 Madhubala:EIEJ Treat me like a Game adn Ill show you how its played: Madhubala Malik

Waah CV’s kya googly maara hai, brilliant!!! Plus Drashti Dhami Take a Bow for the grace and poise with which you delivered tonight’s performance as Madhubala Malik.
“Hell Hath No Fury like Woman Scorned” this is the first quote that comes to a sensible mind after watching tonight’s episode…..And her she wasn’t scorned once but over and over.
So Madhu has taken it in her stride to go by the
“Sabak RK wala,Tareeka Mera aur Sanskaar Tere”
 Lines and the best thing is she maintained her grace and poise and did not dip to the level that RK had gone during his revenge track or the whole-un-wedding sequence. While everybody was under the impression that it was Dipali who messaged Sultan that Sultan reached the party because of Dipali the twist the makers brought in by making Madhu the Sutradhaar of the entire showdown that took place in the Bollywood Bash Party was definitely applause worthy.
Even during the whole un-wedding sequence up until that particular promo went on air kisiko banak tak nahi thi about all this being a sham by RK to take revenge for the 4 slaps. Similarly until Sultan asked Madhu
“Why did you ask me to come in the party when you knew that all this would happen”
 it was unknown that it was Madhu who was the master mind behind this…..For once it was a eye pleasing to see the Central Protagonist call the shots and since this is the situation looks like such surprises or rather shocks must be expected every now and then.
1315 Madhubala:EIEJ Treat me like a Game adn Ill show you how its played: Madhubala Malik
Madhu had proved herself in RK’s eyes by pulling off the Parapet Stunt, RK verbally admitted to believing and trusting Madhu but looks like Madhu was not satisfied, if Madhu has pledged to teach RK a lesson, has decided that he should realize what it means to break ones trust and heart, to snatch away their freedom, treat one like a furniture etc It was indeed high time that she was a Human Being who he once broke beyond repair and she was not going to give him the power or satisfaction to do so again. For this to happen it was important that RK trust Madhu blindly like she used to trust him, else no matter what she does, everything would go futile.
While many feel that Madhu should not have included Sultan, we support the CV’s in their decision because was playing RK at his own Game, for that it was important that she plays by RK weak point which here in this case would be RK’s ability/inability to trust. RK played by Madhu’s weak point Love, trust, Care, Affection etc and Madhu one by one is playing by RK’s weak points. So in this particular instance she needed a 3rd party and who better than Sultan. Plus do we not ask our friends or the ones we trust to help us??? Yes of course we do. So full points to the CV’s for including Sultan in Madhu’s Plan….We don’t know what the future holds for Madhu and Sultan, but today Sultan proved that a “FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED”.
96 Madhubala:EIEJ Treat me like a Game adn Ill show you how its played: Madhubala MalikWhile Sultan coming to the Bollywood Bash party simply because Sikky gave him an Invitation saying Madhu had send it or because he received a message from Madhu’s phone, him not cross checking either of those and landing up in the party looked a little far-fetched and out of Sultan’s character but the CV’s gave a befitting explanation in tonight’s episode and it was revealed that Sultan actually cross checked with Madhu and landed up at the party because she asked him to…..The reason is still unknown to Sultan but he knew that Madhu was up to something, she had made it half clear when she spoke her heart out the other day. Yet he did not feel the need to probe her with the reason, he trusted that she would tell him, when she felt confident about it.The scene also stood out for the fact that the makers showcased in tonight’s episode ki koi dil se chahe toh kisi ko samajhne ya bharosa karna chahe toh usmein zyada waqt nahi lagta…Madhu had the trust to rely on Sultan to set her plan into action even though its been just few weeks since the two met moreover she hardly knew anything about him…Same goes for Sultan too from his scattered interactions with her he knew that she was a self-dependant girl and so she wouldn’t plead for help like it was written in the message and thus calls and cross checks with Madhu. Truly the amount of love and trust that Madhu showered upon RK should have made him realize by now that what he did was wrong and yet sadly even today you cannot see an iota of remorse or repentance in his eyes or his gestures. Once again beautifully the parallels were drawn.
423 Madhubala:EIEJ Treat me like a Game adn Ill show you how its played: Madhubala MalikAnother interesting thing about Madhu tonight was that she has taken RK as her Teacher in her Mission and is proving to be a better student….Nahi Samjhe??? Lets face it RK is one intelligent manipulator, back then he strategically plotted his moves and was patient enough to wait for almost 2-3 months to see his plan yield his DESIRED results…..Do you really think if Madhubala was herself she could put an end to his atrocities???? Teach him a lesson??? Not even in 7 Births….RK was a twisted person, when a righteous Madhu, her love and affection could not change him what makes one think it’ll ever? Aur woh kahawat toh suni hogi aap sab ne “Agar Ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle toh Ungli tedha karna padtha hai” To double cross RK at a Game where he was the King or in RK’s word GOD it was essential that Madhu got the upper hand, Madhu has to think sharper than RK, and act swifter than RK does. In short even before RK thinks, Madhu has to understand what he was thinking and has to act accordingly…..that was the only way she could teach him, show him what he did was wrong and that he was not GOD.
1241 Madhubala:EIEJ Treat me like a Game adn Ill show you how its played: Madhubala MalikMadhubala was indeed the star of tonight’s episode; this is the Madhubala that fans wanted to see. The girl who wouldn’t go down without putting up a good fight…..Today she was strong, she was sensible and yet stayed in her limits. This time it was important for Madhu to win, it was RK’s EGO, his God Complex that she wanted to shatter down into pieces and she wasn’t going to give up until she saw it happen, but time again she proves that for that she is not ready to cross any lines just like she promised to her mother. Madhu did not suffer any small cut or injury. Like once RK said to Madhu while laying the ground work for his REVENGE, that his soul was scarred (3 TIMES) once can say what RK did to her was worse. He broke her heart, crushed her love and trust, drained the life out of her and then injured her soul. Now this was her chance to get her much deserved justice and she was not going to let it be without getting her honor, dignity and self-worth that RK had stripped of her back. Till Madhu did not react which includes the after un-wedding fiasco along with the various other thorns RK placed in Madhu’s life everything was fine in RK’s world, but then RK himself went ahead and woke up the sleeping tigress in short RK himself invited this upon him.
Madhu today proved an age old famous quote that goes “Treat me like a queen and I’ll treat you like a king. Treat me like a game and I’ll show you how it’s played”. She is all set to show RK that anything a man can do, a woman can do better if the occasion arises for it. Madhu is undoubtedly one of the most powerfully sketched female characters we have today. She had the will and guts to gamble with her life only to regain herself-worth and the reigns of her life back. It was indeed time to show that somebody that life had much more to it than just calling “PACKUP”.
Author: Vijitha Rajan