maj 10, 2013

Madhubala:EIEJ “Madhu to give RK a taste of his own medicine…Aahaan!!!”

95 Madhubala:EIEJ Madhu to give RK a taste of his own medicine...Aahaan!!!

So much is happening in Nautanki Films Madhubala Ek Ishq Ek Junoon and so much is yet to happen in the show in the coming days.
Viewers previously witnessed Madhu pledging to teach RK a lesson for mistreating her and slowly and steadily Madhu has started working towards the same……Madhu who is very well aware of RK and the way his mind functions have decided to give him a taste of his own medicine “Sabak RK wala, Tareeka Mera aur Sanskaar Tere ” was what she had promised to her Mother and till this moment Madhu has been following it religiously.
Unlike RK, Madhu is not blinded by her MOTIVE to teach RK a lesson and thus is placing her steps very carefully one at a time and unresolving to take the wrong path. After pulling the “Jump from the Parapet” Stunt when Madhu felt that RK will not begin to trust her, thus making things easier for her an unexpected turn of events at the Bollywood Theme Party thrown by the Kundra’s paved way for RK’s trust to deter, even though the Superstar himself confirmed his trust and belief in her.
In the upcoming episode Madhu will be seen following the “Sabak RK wala…” yet again where she will be seen all set to slit her wrist only to be stopped by the timely intervention of RK. Does this right a bell??? Yes a few days back the same tactic was used by RK to prevent Madhu from leaving the RK Mansion when he forcefully brought her in. RK had gone on to cut his Palm and threaten to slit his wrist, thus ensuring Madhu does not step outside RK Mansion, this time with Madhu calling the shots the same thing will be repeated but in Madhubala’s style.
What is Madhu’s Motive behind pulling such a stunt? Is she doing this to regain RK trust so that her Mission yields successful results? Or is there a new unknown, unheard story??? Only time will tell.
Stay tuned Guys, we all are in for a Roller-Coaster ride!!!
Edited By: Vijitha Rajan