maj 26, 2013

Madhubala Sultan mother's (Zarina Wahab) entry to bring new twist

Madhubala Sultan mother
Among lot of RK (Vivian Dsena) and Madhubala, it time Sultan (Avinash Rekhi) steal a little of show Madhubala - Ek ishq ek junoon.
After setting a scope for love triangle in the story of Madhubala, Madhubala story will be tilting slightly away from Rishbala love-hate concept to little bit of Rish-tan (RK and Sultan) hate–hate concept.
Soon there will be a new character coming up in Madhubala to bring in next series of twists with some difference.
New entry on Madhubala, Zarina Wahib will play role of Sultan’s mother.
Sultan’s mother will have to take an old revenge from RK and RK’s family unfolding some of the past.
What old connections RK holds with Sultan to still remain mystery for some time till.