maj 09, 2013

Madhubala RK(Vivian Dsena) to humiliate Madhubala(Dhrashti Dhami)

Madhubala RK(Vivian Dsena) to humiliate Madhubala(Dhrashti Dhami)After a party full of Action it’s time for melodrama in Madhubala – Ek IShq Ek Junoon on colors. Deeplali is successful in creating problem for Madhubala (Dhrashti Dhami) and now it’s time for Madhubala to think cleverly and make a move.
In the previous episode of Madhubala, Deepali messages Sultan and invites him to Madubala’s party annoying RK. RK even boxed on Sultan face on which Sultan remained calmed for sake of Madhu.
In the upcoming episode of Madhubala, RK will drag Madhubala to his house, insult her and further ask her if RK is coming between two lovers i.e. Madhubala and Sultan.
RK will question Madhu as why she invited Sultan in that party as if he is more important to her than RK.
Madhu’s mission to teach RK a lesson is still incomplete, what will Madhu will do now to cool RK. Will Deepali’s act get caught?