maj 10, 2013

Madhubala-EIEJ: “Mirror mirror on the wall….”

95 Madhubala EIEJ: Mirror mirror on the wall....

O Dear Lord when will RK start treating Madhu like a Human Being? When will he open his eyes, use his brain and stop acting on an IMPULSE. Well if he stopped doing all this he wouldn’t be RK now would he?
As usual RK drags Madhu out of the party into the RK Mansion and bombard her with questions one after the other non-stop, pointing questions as her love, her moral side and much more. It just proved that RK can never bring about himself to trust Madhu, and this wasn’t Madhu’s fault but his FLAW. Madhu passed out RK’s test of love with flying colors didn’t she when she jumped from above the parapet to prove her love for him? Well that’s what RK announced the following morning when he said that he trusted her, had faith in her etc etc looks like they were just mere words and not something he said from his heart. While Madhu’s intentions was purely teach RK a lesson for which it was important that she gained his trust today RK proved that no mater what, no matter how many times Madhu jumped from any parapet RK’s insecurity and his obsession will never allow him to trust her.
1314 Madhubala EIEJ: Mirror mirror on the wall....
Radhaji may be shown as a helpless Mom, whose hands are tied down when it comes to her Son’s doing but at times her words are so pleasing to the ears that you can actually ignore and forget everything else. Plus this is not the first time that this happened remember the time Radha Ji slapped RK when he questioned Madhu’s moral side? Even today when it came down to supporting Madhu she did not step back. She tries to instill some sense into RK, asks him to not point fingers at Madhu and stop throwing allegations at Madhu one after the other. What was really interesting about Radhaji’s words today was that this was supposed to be said by RK….The moment Madhu said she did not invite Sultan to the party that she did not send any SMS to him RK should have listened to her at that very instant WHY??? Because she already proved her loyalty to him by jumping off from the parapet, apni zindagi daav par lagakar apni loyalty dikhane se bada kuch hota toh hain nahi??? And yet RK couldn’t come to terms with accepting the truth that Madhu did not call Sultan…….Had it been the reverse case before the un-wedding pr post the un-wedding Madhu would have closed her eyes and believed him…..Oh Wait….She did that she believed everything that he said, he did in the name of love when all RK was doing was taking revenge for the classic 4 Slaps.
423 Madhubala EIEJ: Mirror mirror on the wall....Moving on… It was Sad, really Sad to see Madhu trying to prove her innocence well it was true wasn’t it, Neither did she sent any Invitation through her servant nor did she message Sultan to attend the party…. RK ki Obsessive nature ka ek faida toh hua, because he expects Madhu to be around him as and when possible it wasn’t hard for RK to recollect that Madhu’s mobile did go missing and that while the so called Message was Sent Madhu was with him and Radha Ji (10:00 PM) and then with RK (10:10 PM)…. To gain someone’s trust is not easy, and if gained the still difficult part is to uphold it, In this case however RK has no reason to distrust Madhu, infact it’s Madhu who has every reason to not trust RK after what he did to her yet we see RK having his doubts, we see RK question Madhu’s morality and this isn’t the first time it happened. Anyways amongst all this Hungama what was totally uncalled for was RK publically humiliating Madhu. He not showing the trust or belief he promised to show and what was even more shocking was for the first time RK accused Madhu of plotting his death with her father Shamsher Mallik. The look of disgust and pity on Madhu’s face for the “SOCH” that RK nurtured was BANG ON!!! How could he say that when she was the one who walked bare foot to the Sidhi Vinayak Temple to pray for his life, when she had no reason to do it, at that point of time had RK died Madhu would have been free but being the person she is Madhu does what was asked of her and she does it with full heart and faith.
1240 Madhubala EIEJ: Mirror mirror on the wall....
OMG yeh ho kya raha hai? Time and again it’s Dipali who showed RK the mirror. The last time she said both Dipali and RK were same, RK got all riled up and it led to him trying to prove that the two were not the same….This time once again Dipali does the honors of giving RK a much needed reality check….”Mujhe meri Madhu par apne aap se zyada bharosa hai…” Dipali spared Viewers the trouble of question/mocking RK by giving the perfect reply “Tab Kahan gaya tha tumhara bharosa jab tumne Sultan ke aane ke baad sabke saamne Madhu par ungli uthayi thi?, jab tumne sabke saamne usse beiszzat kiya tha….Tab kahan gaya tha tumhara Bharosa???” ….Bharosa nahi tha RK, Tab sirf Shaq tha, sirf Shaq, Beizzati thi, Ilzaam tha, Thane the…..etc etc……For the first time it looked like the cat caght RK’s tongue…waise toh RK jawab de sakta tha, he is damn good at that but he kept quiet and listened the whole thing….Could this be a hint that we may get a redemption track???? Only time will tell…..
As for now Madhubala is going through a very dry spell…The story hasn’t moved an Inch, the characters aren’t developing like it has to…..and so many questions as to where all this is leading to is what is on the mind of the viewers. Will RK continue to insult Madhu??? Will Madhu succeed in teaching RK a lesson??? Will RK turn into Rishabh or like Madhu said her Rishu??? Will the Actress Theme track with which the makers sold the story in the first place ever take shape? Only Time will tell.
Author: Vijitha Rajan