maj 22, 2013

Madhubala - 22nd May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Part 1
RK tells MAdhu that the studio is his dads n she knows what his dad means to him..! He says..taking his oath he swears. .he never lied.. he lied to himself.. even when he was taking revenge.. he loves her..n did.. n still does! RK says..the feeling of hurting him.. pained him n he accepted that pain.. he could have shoved it aside. .but he accepted it as he deserved it..! He says..he loved that pain ..coz it had her name on it..! BG-Tera ishq hi..! Madhu is stunned ..! RK removes the gramaphone record of Mr. India and puts it in the cover and gives to Madhu..! Madhu is surprised..! RK – Madhu walk out of the studio hand in hand!
Sultan tells Paddo . NO ..! Paddo tells Sultan that he is her last hope n that he has to do it for her..! Paddo says…she knows.. that Sultan must be thinking what kind of mother i am .asking daughter to be kidnapped but ..there is no other way… n that she trusts him..
Sultan says.. world thinks ..that all cirminals are same.. who love to do crime.. n on other side.. she is asking for his help n asking him to kidnap..someone? Paddo says.. the world sees him from only one spec.. but its from her own eyes. .n that she has found that.. he may be criminal for world but he is far more honest than others in the world. .n has a heart! Paddo says. .on holi day he earned her trust.. by walking out. .n that she has seen him care for Madhu…! Sultan says..the superstar.. who lives in mansion. .with costly.. stuff.. has cheap heart.. ! Paddo says.. being good he has done so lowly deed n Sultan cant even think of such things..! Sutlan tells Paddo that he doesn wanna insult her.. but he cant do this! Sultan says..that he respects Madhu n so he cant go agains her wish..! Sultan tells Paddo that he will talk to Madhu! Paddo use.. she tried but Madhu is not ready to listen! Sultan asks for one last chance to convince her..! Paddo asks..then what? Sultan says..that if Madhu does ..what she has thot of.. then he will become the wall that RK will never be able to cross n reach to Madhu! Sultan holds Paddos hand n promises.. ! He asks if she can trust him this much n Paddo cries n nods..!
At night.. RK is asleep n Madhu is wide awake..on the bed..! She looks at RK and recollects how he had forcefully brought her home.. n made her confess that she loves him…how he had held her hand to save her from falling from terrace n his proposal to her at the chawl.. ! She recollects Paddos words of how breaking RK will break her in turn.. n if she can live after that! As RK opens his eyes n turns. Madhu closes her eyes..! RK asks her not to act. n says..he knows..she likes to drool on him..when he is asleep ..but then nazar lag jaegi! Madhu says.. was thirsty so going to take water..! As Madhu tries to pour water from jug.. the glass breaks.. n Madhus hand gets cut n RK rushes to her n asks her to be careful..! He makes her sit and cleans her wound ..! RK asks if its hurting a lot? Madhu looks at him n says.. yes. a lot.. so much that cant bear! RK says..but the wound doesnt look too deep. .maybe the glass pierced deeper? RK says.. sometimes one doesnt know how a small piece digs deep n Madhu says.. n cuts many things n by the time one realises its too late..! RK loks curiouisly at her..! Madhu gets up n says..she is fine..! RK comes to her and says..its his love..that has pierced deep in her heart? Right? Its his love that hurts her… ! RK asks why his love is like this. .why his love is not like hers.. which is.. all about selflessness… n his about possessing..! RK says. .wish knew how to love u like u..then! Madhu says..then they wont have been here..! RK says..then he wont have betrayed her n brought her forcefully here! RK says.then they did been really happy ..! RK says.. she knows him better than himself..! RK asks her why is he like this? RK tells MAdhu they have talked this before.. n recollects the drunken night at Studio convo..! RK asks if she remembers that? Madhu says..yes.. but dun remember what we talked! RK says..he remembers that.. she asked him ..why he betrayed her? Madhu says.. that RK had asked if he said sorry would she return? RK says.. then Madhu had said. n Madhu completes that she cant come ever..!
RK turns Madhu around n says.. she came.. back to him.. ! Madhu pushes RKs hand away n walks aside..! She is emotional… recollecting RK humiliating Madhu at the wedding altar.. n then proposing to her before all..! She has a smile on her face…! She turns n runs to RK n hugs him! BG – Tere ishq pe..!
Part 2
Madhu tells RK that she has returned for real.. to her RK..n forever! RK hugs Madhu back..! RK tells Madhu that he knows why she has returned to him coz she cant see his heart broken..! Madhu says..yes.. cant see RKs broken heart n nor can she break his heart..coz..she loves him a lot.. ! Madhu says.. I LOVE U ..!! Madhu hugs RK again…! BG- Tera ishq..!
Part 3
RK cups Madhus face n asks how can she love him so much ..despite him having hurt her..! Madhu says.. coz she is a bit crazy…! She says.. . woh ishq hi kya jisme koi pagalpan na ho..!! Right? RK smiles at Madhu n she smiles back..! RK hugs Madhu n she hugs him back..!
Precap — Madhu comies in the bathroom ..n says.. here is my superstar..! RK says..she has habit of not listening to him..! Madhu says.. yes..! RK says.. mouth close n eyes closed too! RK shuts thecurtains n decorates the bath-tub..! Madhu walks forward with closed eyes n ends up colliding with RK n he falls in the tub …n Madhu laufs seeing a very wet RK..!