maj 16, 2013

Madhubala - 16th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

RK asks Madhu to come down Sultan-Paddo-Trish all look at Madhu
Madhu goes down.. all are shocked! RK smiles at Madhu …
RK tells Madhu that the heart at their feet is his.. which he broke himself but now Madhu has to take care of it.. Madhu is
RK says that today he declares that.. he never believed in love. .but before today… he never felt like this… this junoon.. this dewange.. she would never understand..his feelings for her..!
RK says now.. no more ego.. shame.. arrogance.. only LOVE.. only with her..! RK says… I LOVE U Madhu! n will FOREVER..!!
All are shocked…
RK says.. he will love her.. in his every birth Madhu in tears…
RK admits his misdeeds… n says but now .. want ur support.. n asks her to help him take the decision of his life..
RK goes down on one knee and tells Madhu to make his life ..worth living.. to fill his life with music of her breath RK asks Madhu to become his life.. his WIFE … officially n popularly!
RK asks Madhu to be his.. ENTIRELY! RK gives Madhu an engagement ring n asks her to marry him..! BG- Tera ishq hi…
Trish says.. that Madhu loves only RK .. n Sultan overhears!
Madhu says.. yes… Radha-RK delighted Sultan walks away… RK puts ring on Madhus finger Rishbala eyelocks.. and RK hugs Madhu..n she hugs him back! Sultan watches
Sultan drives off in full speed .. He sees Madhus dupatta in his car n fumes!
Trish tries to calm Paddo but she rushes to Madhu n asks..why is she not sticking to her plan? Madhu avoids.. n Trish-Paddo asks if she has courage?
RK asks Madhu to speak out.. if she has the courage?
Part 2
RK tells Trish that Madhu has HER RK with her
RK calls out to Paddo…and addreses her as MAA …
RK tells he wants to marry Madhu with full rituals.. n assures to be a good Son-in-law…
He says he will come after 2 days.. with BARAT!
Madhu says..she wants to be bride in THAT home … RK asks Paddo to give up her anger n Madhu leaves with RK ..! Paddo breaks down
Part 3
Sultan is walking towards the darga .. BG- Zindagi ne zindagi bhar gum diye..! He recollects Madhus face.. n fumes thinking her with RK
Precap — Radha arrives at mansion n asks servants to bring sweets…! RK walks in hand in hand with Madhu n tells Sikky-Dips that they are still here? He tells them to stay back for 2 more days n that in 2 days.. his n Madhus wedding preps will start…! Madhu looks at a stunned Dips..!