maj 15, 2013

Madhubala - 15th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Madhu tells Sultan that he is a gangster but all forget he is a human.. who has a heart n knows how to love.. n she has seen it! Sultan looks at her! Madhu says.. Sultan-Aryan relation .. is so sweet. .tender.. full of love.. its different. but its connected from heart..! Aryan returns with Paddo and Aryan tells Madhu that he prayed to God to not let her go n she is here..! Paddo huffs..! Sultan tells Aryan that they need to leave but Aryan insists to stay back! Sultan says..he has some work so..! Madhu says that.. next time they will spend more time.. n that she will beat him in hand wrestling! Aryan ways..he is strong just a lil small! All smile n they leave! Madhu watches them! She approaches Paddo but Paddo says.. she must be hungry so going to cook n leaves..! Madhu feels sad..!
Sultan is driving and recollects Madhus words about Love..! He recollects moments spent with Madhu ..first meeting.. her wiping her wet hair…! He almost knocks a biker but puts the brakes..! Sultan asks Aryan if he is ok? Aryan says..yes n they will be fine coz he prayed to God (how Paddo taught him to pray) and says.. he got what he wanted! Aryan says.. he asked God that when they return Madhu must be there.. n she was there..! Sultan smiles! Aryan says..he prayed that he beat all in cricket and that..when he has more money in his piggy bank he will buy auto car..and that Paddo said that it takes time to get all wishes all pray! Aryan tells Sultan that he has asked God that May Madhu stay with them forever.. n for that he n Sultan need to pray together! Sultan is stunned! Aryan sees a darga and tells Sultan they should go n pray! Sultan agrees..!
BG- Rangreza..kum faya… and Sultan-Aryan enter the darga..! Aryan pulls Sultan ahead n says.. lets pray..! Sultan says.. that he has never bowed before anyone. only blamed..for snatching him mom n then Aryans mom..n now he has something that hurts..! He says.this is the question.. please do send answer! He sees a lady n notices its Madhu … as he turns she leaves..! He follows Madhu to the wall to tie thread n eyelocks..! Again she is gone..! He sees Madhu praying to Allah..! Sulbala eyelocks..! Sultan keeps following Madhu as she rushes out and he pulls her by the dupatta n her dupatta is on his face… ! Sulbala eyelocks! Madhu disappears and Sultan smiles.. that asked a question n got answer..!
Madhu asks Paddo if she wont talk to her? Trish comes n asks her to stay still.! Sultan returns to the chawl n recollects Holi spent with Madhu..! Sultan is walking towards the stairs by the side of a hoarding..! Trish asks Paddo how long she will ignore Madhu n asks her to ask Madhu why she has returned! Paddo says.. dun wanna ask as she comes n goes on her own..! Paddo says.. Madhu knows she is against whatever Madhu is doing! Trish says. .but now all is.. n suddenly there is a knock..!
Madhu opens the door n Sultan is standing outside the door! She asks about Aryan n he says.. he is at home n he is fine! Sultan stammers a bit n says he wants to talk to her..n asks for one minute..! Madhu comes outside..! Sultan feels shy and Madhu asks if anything bothering him? Sultan smiles n Madhu teases that he knows how to smile? Sultan smiles widely! He tells her that he wants to tell her something! Madhu says.. yes.. why so tense? Sultan struggles n then says.. today morning..! Right then Madhu notices the hoarding being uncovered.. with Rishbala pic n words ‘I love You Madhubala’ Madhu says.. no this cant happen! Sultan says.. he knows n then follows her as she watches the hoarding stunned!
Part 2
RK drives inside the chawl.. the words.. I LOVE YOU Madhu written on the car front ..! Radha steps outside the car..! Sultan steps away from the view..! Madhu watches stunned..! RK stands from the car and announces. on loud speaker. ‘Rishabh Kundra ..requesting Madhubala Rishabh Kundra to step out from the gallery of her home n come down.. as he has something sweet to say. He says .. Madhu said to declare his feelings before the world.. !! RK says. .with his life. .with his identity ..with his heart.. n with his being.. .. Madhu ..I LOVE U .. ! Sultan is shocked..n falls quiet! RK says. I LOVE YOU MADHU .. n asks if he can show his face to her?
RK asks Madhu to step forward n come downstairs..! RK tells Madhu that he wants to look in his eyes. n profess his feelings to her..! Paddo-Trish come out as well n watch shocked..! RK snaps his finger n a heart made of flowers is put on the chawl floor..!
Part 3
RK steps out of the car and takes a plate full or rose petals n showers on the stairs upto the heart shape.. ! Madhu watches confused n shocked..! RK keeps smiling at her..! Sultan glares..! RK asks Madhu to come.. n Sultan looks at Madhu …waiting for her to decide..! Madhu keeps staring..!

Precap – RK goes down on one knee n asks Madhu if she will be his life.. his wife.. popularly n officially? RK tells Madhu that he is asking not for her hand.. but HER (her entire self)! Sultan looks away..! RK is holding a ring for Madhu n she watches shocked.. just as Paddo ..!