maj 13, 2013

Madhubala - 13th May, 2013 - Written Update!!

Part 1

RK tells Madhu that he has asked Sikky-Dips to leave from the house forever and that now all will be ok! Madhu asks really? She walks away from him..! RK asks if she has forgiven him? Madhu is silent..! He says that he is feeling suffocated and pulls Madhu by her hand n suggests to go for a drive..! Madhu removes her hand from RKs grip n many times will she keep giving tests to prove her love and how many times will she have to prove that herlove is for him only?! She many times to prove that she returned to the mansion for him only! RK starts to comfort her but Madhu says please.. she says..he knows she is staying with him against her moms wishes. .n that she put her life at risk for him. .n still he keeps doubting her! Madhu asks..RK how to make him believe about her undyinglove for him? Madhu tells RK that till he trusts her..he rather not come near her..! Madhu says..there is only one way toearn RKs trust.! She spots the knife on the fruit basket.. and picks it up to slit her wrist..! Madhu tells RK looking at the knife that.. only after she passes away. .he will believe that she returned to his mansion only for him..! Madhu is about to slit her wrist n RK keeps screaming.. Madhu…!

He removes the knife from her hand n asks her what is this? He says.. if she has lost it? RK tells Madhu that he told her that she wont put her life at risk the other night…then why does he has to remind her this again n agina? Madhu asks how many times she is supposed to prove her love for him? How many times will he doubt her? Madhu is in tears n says.. he is still thinking that she is hiding something thats why she is ready to slit her wrsits? RKsays.. Shut up Madhu! Madhu asks .w.hy shuld she? Madh uasks.. RK why he cant trust her?? RK not a small thing that a man comes to the party n claims that she invited him .. what to do? MAdh usays..he should have done what a hubby should on a wife.. that wife who leftr tyhe world for him… that is trust her..! RK asks Madhu what wuld she have done? All things were against her in the party..! Madhu says.. if she were in his place..then n RK stops her n says.. he said it in anger.. n says sorry. .n says she cant betray him! RK takes MAdhus hand on his chest n says.. trust u from the heart.. n this sound is from the heart..! RK says. .he did so many things with him but she forgot n moved on why cant she sforget sthis small thing? RK says.. she cant leave him n go but he will bring her back forcefuly! She doesnt wanna lovehim .. ok .but she cant leave.! Madhu asks why? RK says.. coz ..she is only his..!

Madhu asks.w.hat does this mean? What?? Dewangi.. junoon . pyaar ..what? RK is stunned..! Madh usays..she is not his belong to him but she is Madhu ..a different person.. PERSON ..! She asks..what is this? Pagalpan ..dewangi .junoon …or pyaar? This is pyaar.. . lot of pyaar.. to the limit of Dewangi .t.hat he loves her..! RK steps aeay.. n Madh usays..he wont agree coz he cant..! Madhu asks RK if he can give anything she wants? Madhu says.. to leave her alone for a while. .n not look at her..! MAdhu says.. his eyes speak like him. n they say.. that She is his.. his private property! Madhu asks.. RK to let her have some respect for herself..! Madhu screams on RK n asks him to go away..!

RK leaves..! Madhu says.. this time he misunderstood her.. n she is becoming like him ..! Madhu says..she is becoming RK … n Madhu breaksdown..! Sikky tells Dips that she is back n Dips says.. knew it. .Chawl bala.. wasnt gonna leave till achieving her goal! Sikky says. .not to call her that as anyone will hear n kick thtem out!

Sikky suggests to fall at Madhus feet n apolgoise to her..! Dips says.. my foot n Sikky says. not ur foot. Madhus foot! Sikky tries to convince Dips n says.. Madhu has a big heart n she will let htem stay..! Dips says. .never.! Sikky says.. Akad ko mat pakad. .chod de. kamar ko mod de. . ! He says. .musibat ki ghadi hai.. tujhe ego ki padi hia! Dips asks if he has self respect? Skky says.. yes. but have sense better to apologise!

Sikky begs to Radha to let him stay. .n asks him to convince RK ..! Dips stays mum! Sikky gives her a vase n asks to hit him on the head…or slap…him ..! RK comes n turns him around and Sikky is shocked..! RK tells Sikky that he had asked them to leave before morning.. what are they doing? OUT! Dips says. RK u cant! Madhu comes n says.. no more.. n asks them to go to their room ..! Dips tells Madhu that they are still related to this house..n so they wont leave by packing..! Madhu says..she is aksing them to stay.. not leave! Sikky says..looks like a dream. .so pinch n Dips does! Madhu asks RK not to let them to leave..! RK says..if they stay..they will play games against her..!He wont let them hurt her..! Madhu says..they cant as she is leaving herself.! RK is shocked! Sikky asks Madhu not to leave..! RK asks what is she saying? Madhu says.she is going to her place..wehre she belongs..!

Part 2

Madhu says.. she is tired n seems in their story.. it wasnt fated to go for long drives..! She says…she is tired to love him her way. . n to see her heart crushed under his feet! She says..its not Dips -Sikky fault coz RKs faith is less in her ..! She says a storm doesnt uproot trees but the weakness of its roots does! Seh says..the weakness of their relation made Sikky-Dips a storm! Radha asks Madhu to remove this storm n strengthen the roots.. ! Madhu says..she is not that Mahan.. n that she cant keep mending things for her entire life! She says. .she has given her share of Agni Pariksha. n she should have gotten trust and love after that! She says..she is not Mahan nor will be! RK says..she is Madhu . HIS Madhu n she wont go anywhere from here..! Madhu is quiet! RK says he has apologised.. n asks her not to say. .she is lost n tired.. n not to say all will be not well..! He says she set all right earlier too.. ! Madhu says..yes.. she says..she tried to make him stand. but in turn ..he pulled her down..! She tells RK taht..after his betrayal.. she should have distrusted him.. it was her faith in him .. that was broken! She says..she trusted him. .returned to his life but strangely he doesnt trust her even now.. still doubts her..! Madhu says..she does no deserve all this..!

Part 3

RK tells Madhu she cant leave him n go..! Madhu says.. she doesnt have that right teven..till he kicks her out.. ! Madhu tells RK That she should return when he wants.. n till she returns he will slit his wrist or force her! RK asks what should he do to bring his madhu back to him? Madhu says.. he cant.. he can bring a purchased trophy .. but not her.. as she REFUSED to be SOLD!

Precap — RK tells Madhu that.. its her fault… that she cant make him understand the meaning of the word BIWI .. BIWI .. ! She asks him if he can declare before the world..that HE LOVES HER?? RK is quiet.! Madhu says..he cant.. so she is leaving..! Madhu walks out..! RK-Radha-Sikky-Dips watch stunned..!