maj 11, 2013

Madhubala - 11th May, 2013 - Written Update

Madhu turned to leave but Sultan asks her to tell him what is happening?

Madhu is hesitating.. n Sultan pulls her arm n says.. dun say.. that i dun have rights ..why playing this game?

Madhu says..she isnt so shallow.. nor playing a game..its a FIGHT.. for her self respect

She says..she isnt a wallpainting to be put on a wall when liked or dumped.. in a store.. when not..! Madhu stopsmidway n apologises for adding Sultan to the plan!

Madhu tells the whole story…of Party..! Madhu says…she figured Dips was playing a game.. n so sent Sultan a message…n he called her about the party thing.. n Madhu asked Sultan to come to the party n play along!

Sultan asks what did Madhu gain from this? Madhu says.. RK doubted her when Sultan came..but now there is only one person who doubts her Dips.. She trapped Dips.. n RK trusts her blindly..!

Sultan asks why the lie? Madhu says.. given the life RK has led.. he has no faith in people so to win RKs trust.. one has to play it RKs way.. aka with DRAMA n so she had to become a bit like RK…!

Sultan asks what will Madhu do with this? Madhu says..she has won his love n heart n when he will do fully .. there will be a noise ..n that will be the sound of RKs heart breaking.!

Sikky is packing n Dips asks him to not irk her.. She says.. they are not going anywhere esp not coz of Chawl bala..! Sikky tells her to sit put n he will head out.. n Dips does emotional atyachar on him

Dips says.. she knows Madhu well .. n she wont leave her mission incomplete n so will be back..

Sultan is surprised with Madhus plans.. n Madhu recounts the whole story.. of whatever RK did to her.. till date..breaking her heart.. trust.. self respect .. n how RKs mood changed.. n he forced her to come back in his life..!

She says.. RK cares .. for her. .coz ..if she is hurt it will hurt him..! Sultan says.. Rk can do what he did coz he is RK but she is not RK…

Sultan says.. this is not Madhu … the Madhu he knows.. bonds people.. not breaks them! Madhu asks Sultan not to weaken her stance!

Sultan says..she is above any feeling of hate or anger.. so not to become something else..! Madhu says..she cant forgive RK .. n needs to punish RK..!

Madhu resolves.. RK ka ghamand toot kar rahega..! Sultan asks what about her heart? Madhu says..its broken …nothing is left inside..!

Madhu asks him not to weaken her.. n that she will return the pain back to RK.. n says.she is ok to be called names forthis..!

Part 2

RK is sulking in his room ..recollecting party stuff..!

Radha consoles RK RK says.. he doubted Madhu ..true but why she left tho she knows how much he needs her..!

RK screams.. that Madhu is mine.. n why she doesnt understand that he needs no one but her in his life…! He turns n sees Madhu ..

Part 3

RK asks Radha to leave…

He asks Madhu how should he apologise to her

He says he has asked Sikky-Dips to leave. . .n assures all will be well . .Madhu repeats n walks a bit away..!

RK asks if Madhu has forgiven him? Madhu stays mum!

Precap — Madhu takes a knife.. n is about to slit her wrist.. n asks RK if after she dies…he will be convinced that she returned only for him ..?? RK is shocked..n keeps calling … Madhu..!!