maj 02, 2013

" Kya aapko yeh Sagaai Qubool Hai?" – Qubool Hai

They both are attracted to each other, they both have feelings for the other….and it goes beyond what words can express…Agar Yeh Pyaar Nahi toh aur Kya hai? Yes the couple in question here is Asad and Zoya. Attraction Hai, Feelings Hai, Passion Hai aur Pyaar bhi hai, der hai toh sirf kehne ki….Then what’s stopping AsYa from accepting that they LOVE each other????
Asad cried his SOUL out the day he had to dig Zoya’s lifeless body out from beneath the earth. Why?? Why did he run on the streets of Bhopal like a Mad Mad trying to reach the airport on time??? Because of the fear of never being able to meet her, be with her, talk to her, see her, hear her ever was testimony enough to read what lay within Asad’s heart, Same goes for Zoya the small small things she did, the smile she managed to bring on Akadu Ahmend Khan’s face, the risk she took to make sure Asad say Ayaan’s Engagement, the way she badly wished that he would ask her to stay back when she knew she was nothing but a GUEST who would eventually have to say Good-Bye was more than enough to guess what was in her heart. Both Asad and Zoya have displayed the extent to which they can go for one another yet the one small thing that is required in any relationship is what they couldn’t bring about themselves to do. And what would that be???? Accept those feelings, accept that they are in love…..and profess it out to each other.

Since the term “ACCEPT” was used one may ponder “So are they in DENIAL” will that’s the catch. Its hard to say !!! A simple example would be a hell bent Zoya who tries possibly everything to get Asad to say that the engagement wasn’t a fake one and that he did everything because it meant something to him shies away from accepting the engagement as a true one when he asks her “Did she want the engagement to be real”….. Zoya knew they shared something special, Asad knew that she was totally misfit for him yet his heart beat for her……These aren’t signs of Denial, nor are they signs of EGO….Then what makes the two not accept that the are in love? In love with each other? Even today Asad and Zoya for whom the Airport Moment (Ring Seq) was perhaps the most liveliest, most truthful moment of their lives were trying to find a n excuse to not get engaged as per Dilshaad’s wish. One one side we have Asad who along with Zoya is thinking on how to stop the marriage and on the other side we have Zoya doing the needful by suggesting Fake Marriage, running away from marriage etc…..Where AsYA is heading to only CV’s knows, but 4 Lions have always used this technique where the Guy and Girl does not admit to having any feelings for one another till something really drastic, life altering happens and they have always had a 100% Success Rate.
Dilshaad is on a Roll these days and Shalini Kapoor does complete Justice to her role. While 3 episodes back we saw a hurt mom who threw up a challenge to get her son married, today we see an entirely different avatar of Dilshaad. She starts with clicking a picture of her Son and Would be Daughter-In-Law, terms them cute together and even fakes fainting. Well what needs to be done needs to be done.
After AsYa if there is a Jodi that makes Qubool Hai worth watching, Hands down its Razia and Badi Bi……Finally Razia finds a match in Badi Bi-A mother who has no intentions of giving up on the hope that they’ll get their freedom, that Razia will be behind bars for all the vicious thinsg she did in life. Unlike Razia, Badi Bi is not ruthless, she would never resort to methods that Razia opts for….Badi Bi plays her game fair and square which could probably be the reason she is tasting success these days. It was pleasantly surprising to see Badi Bi challenge Razia and also see to it that she wins the Challenge, the Flour stick to the hair scene was nothing compared to the evil techniques Razia applies nevertheless this one was Classic.

The effect of the Engagement Sequence increased manifolds all thanks to the lighting (Cinematographer has done an exceptional work here) and the BG Score….Tum Hi Ho has been used on many couples in the recent days, but on AsYa bath hi kuch aur thi….Perhaps its the CONTRAST effect that was really appealing, the lyrics of the song go:

“Hum tere bin ab reh nahi skate

Tere bina kya wajood mera?
Tujhse judaa agar ho jaayenge
Toh tujhse hi ho jaayenge Juda

Kyunki Tum Hi Ho….Ab Tum Hi Ho,

Zindagi Ab Tum hi ho
Chain Bhi, Mera Dard Bhi
Meri Aashiqui ab Tum Hi Ho….”

and as of lately these lines define AsYa completely. They go perfectly with AsYa’s inner feelings that they have yet to accept to themselves or to one another. But the way they are denying those feelings which is a complete contrast is what made the sequence stand class apart. The engagement this time was not fake it was real, want it or not they were being brought one step closer by the almighty lord.
Dilshaad has promised to get her son married in 10 Days and scored full points today in the first round “ENGAGEMENT”. Badi Bi has promised to get Razia kicked out of the Mansion in 10 Days by none other than Humeira and she too scored full points in the first round of her challenge……It’s indeed raining Challenged in Qubool Hai and would be thrilling to see who wins either of the Challenges? With Asad trying everything to get out of the Marriage and Tanveer plotting and scheming to get Asad in her life no matter what…Will Dilshaad win the challenge she put forward? With Razia who is a living, walkin, talking example of meanness and ruthlessness will Badi Bi ever bi able to kick Razia out of the Mansion????
Wait and Watch!!!!
Author: Vijitha Rajan