maj 19, 2013

Karan Singh Grover's slam book!

Karan Singh Grover, currently seen playing the character of Asad in Zee TV's Qubool Hai, answered our slam book questions…
Birthday: 23rd February 1982.
Nickname: I don't have any nickname but now I am being known as KSG.
Sun Sign: Pisces.
Hometown: Delhi.
Describe yourself: Erratic.
Strength: My family.
Weakness: My family.
What can easily impress you: Honesty.
Hobbies: Playing games on playstation.
A cloud 9 moment for you: The day I got married to Jennifer Singh Grover.
Do you believe in destiny: Ya, absolutely!
Songs you're humming these days: Tum Hi Ho from Ashiqui 2.
Any TV show you follow: Qubool Hai.
An unforgettable day of your life: Every day of my life is an unforgettable day for me.  
Describe your daily routine in short: I get up, get ready, go for my shoot and comeback home after pack up.
What's your favorite pass time during free time on the sets: I hardly get free time on the sets but if I get one, then I prefer to listen to music.
A place you would love to visit and with whom: I would love to visit Amsterdam with my wife Jennifer.
Craziest fan encounter so far: They all have been crazy.    
The best compliment ever received: Once somebody saw me shooting on the sets and the person said that 'innocence mere ander se foot foot kar nikal rahi hai.' I am not innocent so if the person has said this thing to me then I might have acted well for the scene. So, that is the best compliment for me.
Your inspiration: I am very much inspired by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.   
You're incomplete without: My wife.
Message to your fans: Take this very seriously! Stop spending money on gifts. I know you guys love me and care for me. You all are there to support me every moment. I like your gifts but I don't like when you spend so much of money on gifts. Use the money to buy gifts for yourself from my side.
Thanks for the messages you all keep on sending me. I read all the messages sent by you all. Your messages work as an encouragement for me. I know that you all don't care about how many awards I get and you all love me regardless of anything. I am really happy that I have such true people who watch my shows and love me. Thank you.
Anwesha Kamal