maj 13, 2013

Jay to say the three magical words, "I Love You", to Bhoomi in Colors' Sanskaar

Shamim Mannan and Jay Soni
It seems that love is the flavor of the season when it comes to ongoing tracks in different shows.
We already wrote about the Cupid flavour in Star Plus’ Saraswatichandra and something similar, in terms of the emotion, will unfold in Colors’ Sanskaar- Dharohar Apno Ki (Cinemantra/Anahita Productions).
As seen by viewers, Bhoomi (Shamim Mannan) is trying her best to get into the good books of Jay’s (Jay Soni) family members by successfully completing the tasks allotted to her by Anshu Baa (Aruna Irani).
Her efforts have been commendable, but the entire process has been quite taxing for Bhoomi.
Said an avid watcher of the show, “It is not only taxing for Bhoomi but also for us as how long can we continue watching the same mundane tracks of the bahu completing tasks?”
Aha…we feel that the creatives are also of the same above opinion as soon, they will bring in a whiff of romance in the future tracks.
As per a reliable source, Bhoomi will have to give one final test which will not have any rules as such. Anshu Baa will ask her to perform a beneficial act for the family. However, she will not divulge any details for the same. What does that mean? Well, that would mean that Bhoomi will be on her own to evaluate the situation and perform a task which would prove a boon for the family.
Like always, Bhoomi will succeed in her task as she will overcome all obstacles and help Jay re-open the mill on the auspicious occasion of Akshaya Tritiya.
Wait… are we missing something? Yes, we are!!!
We just happened to give you a high dosage of drama so here comes the romance part for all Bhoomi-Jay lovers….
Amidst all this drama, Bhoomi will ask Jay to confess his love for her in front of the entire family. She would want him to pop out the three magical words….which are, ‘I Love You’. This will come as a shocker to Jay as he wouldn’t know how to actually fulfill Bhoomi’s wish. But, as we all know, the very cute and adorable Jay will pull a trick and manage to pass his test of love.
When contacted Jay, he said, “I will goof-up a lot in the upcoming episodes when it comes to saying I Love You. This will be romantic and funny moment, so the audience will love it.”
Don’t miss it…folks!!!