maj 15, 2013

Ishita's next plan to harm Aarti may be dangerous in Punar Vivah

In Zee’s Punar Vaivah, Ishita is all determined to kill Aarti (Kratika Sengar) and her happiness no matter what destiny that provides to herself as a result.
In previous episode Ishita after being caught red handedly by Aarti trying to woo Yash (Gurmeet Choadhary). Also Ishita tried to kill Aarti in presence of Yash. Ishita and Yash now know Ishita’s reality.
In the upcoming episode of Punar Vivah Ishita will run away from room just when Yash and Aarti will be thinking about telling family about Ishita’s truth before she harms them more.
Aarti will try but will not be able to catch Ishita.
Also they will plan their first step towards Aayu’s orphanage so that Ishita can’t harm her.
Will next step of Ishita will be to kill Aayu so that to make Aarti suffer forever.