maj 03, 2013

Indira and Rishi decide to live separately in Hitler Didi; Indira to get pregnant

Rati Pandey and Sumit Vats
 Indira (Rati Pandey) and Rishi (Sumit Vats), the protagonists of Zee TV’s Hitler Didi(Trilogy Media Pvt. Ltd) will hit different paths when it comes to their ideologies in the episodes to come.
As per the ongoing track, in the first case in Hitler Ki Adaalat, Indira and Rishi are pitted against each other. Their misunderstandings get deeper as Indira succeeds in getting justice in the court of law formed in Sharma Nivas. And this sows a bigger seed of unhappiness between the couple, and the clash of ideologies that they face takes an ugly turn when Indira and Rishi decide to live separately in the same house.
Indira will get a shock of her life when her family members take the decision of staying with Rishi instead of being with Indira, because of their greed for more money. Also, another interesting development that will happen in the coming episodes is that Indira will get into family way. With her being pregnant and living a lonely life, she will be hard-pressed to better her financial position.
How will Indira handle this separation? Will she be able to take life as it comes and accept the challenge whole-heartedly?
When contacted, Sumit Vats told, “Well, the clash between Indira and Rishi will take big proportions. But I really do not know what is in store for them. Small misunderstandings will get big with time, is what I know. As for Indira getting pregnant, I really have no idea of it as we have not shot anything of this sort till now.”
Get to see this clash of ideologies between Indira and Rishi in Hitler Didi.