maj 26, 2013

"I was shocked when I got to know that Punar Vivah is ending"

The talented and gorgeous Kratika Sengar who was last seen in Shashi Sumeet Mittal's popular daily soap Punar Vivah on Zee TV, which ended a few days back, talks about her upcoming projects, the feeling when she came to know that her show is ending and much more.

Lets have a look on what she said...

Do you think Punar Vivah deserved a sudden end?
Well, no one thought that the show would end so soon. We had heard the rumors  but we never believed the same as we were not informed officially. It was a shock when suddenly one day we received a confirmation about the show ending.

What was your reaction when the news was confirmed?
I was shocked! In fact everyone on the sets was very much shocked to hear about Punar Vivah ending. But the best part was that we did not stretch the storyline and I think it was the right time to end the show as everything related to the concept of Punar Vivah had happened on the show.

Do you think that the production house shouldn't have called it off so suddenly?
No, I think the production house has taken a perfect call. My producers - Shashiji & Sumeetji (Mittal) are very sensible and they will never take any step just randomly. Whatever they have done is very right.

Will you miss Punar Vivah?
Yes, I will miss the show very much as I was attached to show. I worked for the show for almost 15 months, so obviously it was very close to my heart. I will also miss every co-actor as we bonded very well during the show.

How was your journey of Punar Vivah?
It was an amazing journey. The best of my life time was spent on the sets. Though it was hectic I enjoyed a lot. I have met some amazing people during this show and also have got an opportunity to work with talented people. I am very much thankful to Shashiji and Sumeetji, for coming up with such a show and making me a part of it.

Are you still in touch with your co-stars of Punar Vivah now?
Yes, we are so attached that we catch up every second day over a coffee, at restaurants or at somebody's home.

Will we see you soon on television?
Well, right now I am caught up with my work at home. I have taken a new home for myself and this break is the perfect time for me to catch up with all the stuff that is pending in decorating my home. So I haven't thought of anything as of now until I finish with my home stuff.

If you were offered Punar Vivah 2, would you take it up?
Honestly, Shashi Sumeet Mittal is the best production house to work with, but Punar Vivah cast cannot be a part of Punar Vivah 2, because if they had to be a part of Punar Vivah 2, than Punar Vivah would have not ended (smiles).

What kind of roles are you looking forward to?
I am looking at anything that is challenging and different from what I have played earlier on television.

Are you open to any reality show?
Yes, I would love to do any dance reality show, as I love dancing. Singing is not my cup of tea and shows like Bigg Boss I feel I cannot do it. For me, it is torture to stay in a house for months. I salute the winners totally! (smiles).

A quote you follow in life?
In whatever you do, see it to it that you never hurt your parents.

We wish Kratika all the best for her career and hope to see her on Television soon!!

Krishma Solanki.